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Three killed in attack on mosque in Kabul: Interior Ministry

16 June 2017

No group has claimed responsibility for the assault, but affiliates of the Islamic State in Afghanistan have asserted responsibility for attacks against Shiites in Kabul past year, including two similar ones at a mosque and a shrine. Another five people were wounded, said Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish.

However, reports indicate at least six people including a local leader and trader identified as Haji Ramazan were killed and around ten others were wounded after in the attack.

Danesh further revealed that the attacker was blocked by police upon trying to enter the mosque.

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The rise of IS has raised the spectre of sectarian discord in Afghanistan, something that the Sunni-majority country has largely been spared despite decades of war.

General John Nicholson, the top United States commander in Afghanistan, has pledged to defeat the local IS affiliate this year. The group has targeted minority Shia Hazaras in Afghanistan before.

Daesh also claimed responsibility for a previous attack last July that killed more than 80 people at a mostly Shia demonstration.

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Attack on praying Muslims inside a mosque in the holy month of Ramadan is against faiths, religions and beliefs.

The attacker then detonated his explosives in a kitchen outside the prayer hall.

The attack comes at a time of deep political and social turmoil here following a truck bombing that killed at least 150 people on May 31.

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Security forces respond at the site of a suicide attack on a Shiites mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Jun 15, 2017.

Three killed in attack on mosque in Kabul: Interior Ministry