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Trump to Announce Plan to Stop Cash Flow to Cuban Military

16 June 2017

Friday, expect US President Donald Trump to tighten rules on Americans traveling to Cuba and significantly restrict US companies from doing business with Cuban enterprises controlled by the military.

When asked whether Trump is planning to announce the naming of an ambassador to Cuba anytime soon, Sanders said that she was not certain what the plans are on that subject or whether it would be included in the President's Friday announcement, reports Efe news.

By law, travel to the island from the still generally limited to 12 authorized categories such as educational activity, humanitarian projects, and support for the Cuban people. "This is bad policy, bad politics and bad for USA business".

"The policy the Trump administration is announcing regarding Cuba is based on President Trump's core conviction that what the Cuban exile community is asking for is right and just", the White House said in a statement to Politico.

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The official said the new restrictions would not go into place until new regulations are published, and played down the threat to USA business interests.

The confirmation, made by the second spokesman of White House in the daily press conference, comes after days of speculation in Washington about the announcement of a hardening of the policy of Barack Obama. The Cuban government has made clear it will not be pressured into political reforms in exchange for diplomatic engagement. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Thursday.

But watchdog groups such as Human Rights Watch are skeptical of a return to the terms of the half-century Cold War stand-off, with its total trade embargo and no diplomatic ties. Similar to past administrations, the Trump Administration believes its initiatives can lead to free elections, direct pay for Cuban workers, freedom for political prisoners, among others results. And Americans can still self-certify under a general license that they are traveling to Cuba for legitimate reasons.

Rubio called the new policy a strategic, long-term attempt to force aging Cuban military and intelligence officers to ease their grip on the island's economy as a younger generation of leaders prepares to take over. The Department of Treasury will create the new regulations and none of the changes will take effect until the regulations are completed.

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"Rather, I think that for the sake of their domestic policies and interests, both sides are going to do nothing and roll back what has been done", said Torrico.

Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa: "It appears that the Trump changes would subject Americans to a lot more bureaucratic red tape and complicate travel to Cuba". As a Cuban-American, Sen.

Since the rapprochement with the USA, the Cuban government has repeatedly said it will hold talks on any topic the United States wants to discuss.

Trump will end that practice for so called "people to people" travel, which has created a loophole that allows nearly anyone to travel to the island legally senior White House officials said.

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American tourist travel was never technically speaking legal, and the White House says that they are generally making changes to travel categories so that it will be harder to abuse loopholes to go do things like hang out on Cuban beaches.