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Chuck Schumer mocks Donald Trump's praise-filled Cabinet meeting

17 June 2017

That appeared to be the only question at US President Donald Trump's first meeting of his full Cabinet on Monday, as top aides took turns piling praise on the boss at a odd event filled with wild and unfounded boasts.

She is then interrupted by another staffer-"you know before we go any further, I just wanna say, thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda".

Still, Trump's Cabinet meeting struck reporters who attended as particularly odd and freaky - because after the president spoke, he had each of the Cabinet members around the table briefly speak too, and their comments often included praise for the president. Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price:

"I can't thank you enough for the privileges you've given me."

In the video, Schumer aides are seen showering the Minority Senate Leader with praise.

Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation: "Hundreds and hundreds of people were just so thrilled" that the President paid a visit to the department during Infrastructure Week.

Mary Dejevesky: Trump Foes' Anti-Russia Bias Harms Presidency
Comey was later sacked, with Trump acknowledging that the Russian investigation was on his mind when he chose to dismiss him. Mr Comey told senators on June 8 that Mr Trump's shifting explanations for dismissing him were "lies, plain and simple".

They went one-by-one praising the president and expressing their gratitude at being chosen for his Cabinet, according to The New York Times.

So the roundtable Cabinet meeting quickly became A Thing.

"Mr President, it's an honour to represent the men and women of the Department of Defence, and we are grateful for the sacrifices our people are making in order to strengthen our military so our diplomats always negotiate from a position of strength", Mr Mattis said as Mr Trump sat, stern-faced.

Not all of Trump's officials were as glowing - Defense Secretary James Mattis, for example, used his speaking slot to praise US troops - but the message from the Trump Cabinet was clear: The agenda is moving forward.

I covered the Obama administration and sometimes the press pool would hear from the president before his cabinet meetings began about what he hoped to achieve, but if my memory serves, we never got to hear from his cabinet secretaries.

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Rips Into Trump's Travel Ban On Twitter
It also exempted green card holders and people with valid visas from the travel pause, but was still blocked in courts. Opponents of the travel ban must file a response to the government's latest request by next week.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said this: "It's a new day at the United Nations".

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue touted his recent trip to rural America.

"Thank you Mr President for the great honour of travelling with you around the country for the previous year, and an even greater honour to be here serving in your cabinet".

Chuck Schumer Really Wants You to Pay Attention to Health Care Schumer didn't just want to take a cheap shot.

London tower block fire: The missing
He told Sky on the day of the fire: "We are praying that Khadija is in a hospital or a centre and is unable to contact us". Appeals are being made in the United Kingdom press and social media to find lost loved ones from many nationalities.

Chuck Schumer mocks Donald Trump's praise-filled Cabinet meeting