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House passes bill to deny health insurance tax credits to illegal immigrants

17 June 2017

"Nobody's hiding the ball here", McConnell told reporters Tuesday. "You're free to ask anybody anything".

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that more money might be needed for the Republican healthcare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

"We want to brag about the plan", Trump said. The bill passed by the Senate, would then go to the House and the two chambers would need to agree on a final bill to send to President Trump to sign into law.

Senate aides said the Senate bill was not expected to touch insurance protections that are included in Obamacare for people with pre-existing medical conditions, after the controversy over the House bill that would let states seek waivers from those protections. But it faces the same problem as the House version since it would likely deprive millions of their health care coverage - including many rural white Trump voters - by slashing funds, though more slowly, for the Medicaid portion of the Affordable Care Act's expanded coverage.

While progress is being made in closed door negotiations - with Texas Sen. Republicans hope to pass their bill this summer before they leave for the August recess. I know you're part of the discussion. But at least have the decency, honor, a little bit of courage. Ryan had tried to push the bill through only 17 days after revealing the legislative text to fellow Republicans.

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Meantime, Democrats are criticizing GOP senators for crafting their bill in private without public hearings. "And I think there's concern that will happen with the Senate bill".

Trump praised the bill when it passed the House in early May. That would bypass the usual 60-vote threshold and keep Democrats from blocking the measure.

It didn't help the optics after the fact when some Republican lawmakers were forced to acknowledge that they had not read the bill before voting in support of it. As the administration still appears determined to stoke uncertainty, lawmakers would have to move quickly to prevent more damage. "And we can't even get a look at it", said Sen. It's the tax "reform" bill granting a huge tax break to citizens who make over $250,000 yearly, camouflaged as a health care bill.

"I have none planned", Alexander said.

The politics of this debate are interesting, because states with the most Medicaid customers are generally states governed by Republicans, and have the highest percentage of low-income individuals and families.

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"You have to be able to explain in a tweet", an unnamed Cruz associate told the Post.

The quandary facing Trump and the Republicans is that Obamacare, with all of its flaws, is vastly more popular than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's cruel healthcare concoction.

Yet Republicans such as Ms. Capito, Mr. Portman and Dean Heller of Nevada are looking for a more gradual phaseout of generous federal funding that their states used to expand Medicaid for the poor, saying they would like to avoid an abrupt "cliff" in 2020, when the House bill would freeze the expansion.

A few days after the House bill passed, the president sat down with Time magazine and boasted that after brief study, he "understood everything there was to know about health care".

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House passes bill to deny health insurance tax credits to illegal immigrants