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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY is a Gloriously Weird Delight (E3 Preview)

17 June 2017

The co-op mode looks a little reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy, where one player could control a star pointer on the screen to gather bits and pieces.

Either way, the Nintendo Switch's first year looks pretty strong! As promised, the tech giant unveiled more details during its E3 Treehouse Live Stream.

Far more interesting, however, is the hat's sentient capabilities - tossing it at certain enemies or objects allows you to take control of them.

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Playing as Mario remains roughly the same as it has always been, as he's able to run and jump as usual.

The mod, which is created to work on Mario 64 played via an emulator on PC, is called Super Mario Odyssey 64. Players, who control Cappy would be able to perform attacking moves and fly around, along with controlling the camera, notes Polygon.

This time around, you can throw Cappy like a boomerang, letting you hit enemies or break wooden boxes to open up new paths. What is better still is that Cappy is invisible. These moons are spotted throughout each world - some you get by completing set quests and objectives, others just by discovering a secret - and the more you get the more worlds the Odyssey can visit.

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According to the game director Kenta Motokura, Switch's support for two players inspired him to create Cappy.

The desert setting in the second playable Odyssey level was much more traditionally Super Mario, if you were anxious that the entire game was set in the Donk.

New Donk City easily made the biggest impression as the least un-Mario-like location in the game.

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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY is a Gloriously Weird Delight (E3 Preview)