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The charges against Bill Cosby and their potential sentences

18 June 2017

But regardless of the criminal outcome, civil cases eventually will move forward.

Steel later added that "the judge has made some indications in court that he is looking to put this on track within 120 days".

"We will evaluate and review our case".

Today, June 17, 2017, Bill Cosby's trial was declared a mistrial by Judge Steven O'Neil, who stated a note from the jury said, "we the jury are deadlocked on all counts". "It's back. It has been restored".

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many of Cosby's accusers, believes the case would not have ended in a mistrial if Constand had not been the only accused woman to testify.

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"Historically people have challenged injustices", said Cosby's wife Camille in a statement read by a spokeswoman. Overtly arrogant, collaborating with the district attorney. The statement also thanked the "jury for their tireless efforts and acknowledge their sacrifice".

When they came back Saturday and said, "Nah bruh, we just can't agree", the judge declared a mistrial. "Given the manner in which she was dismissed by the previous district attorney, she had no option but to file a civil suit". It says the trial has "given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced".

William Henry Cosby Jr., as his name appears on charging documents, remained calm but appeared exhausted as the mistrial was declared.

Janice Dickinson, the model and reality TV personality, said in a November 2014 interview that Cosby sexually assaulted her after the two had dinner at Lake Tahoe in 1982. The statute of limitations exists for a reason; memories fade, evidence is lost, and I think if Cosby hadn't become a pariah the prosecution would have faced a much higher bar in trying to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Meanwhile, Ms Constand doled out hugs to her mother, prosecutors and some of the other women who say the TV star drugged and abused them.

Cosby publicist after mistrial: 'Mr. Cosby's power is back'
Count 3 alleges all this happened after he gave her an intoxicant that substantially impaired her and stopped her from resisting. Survivors of sexual assault have to watch every day as the legal system calls them liars and denies their truth.

Even the former district attorney in the Constand case piled on, saying he thought Cosby lied to authorities.

Bill Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt wasted no time on Saturday after a Pennsylvania jury deadlocked on three felony charges that his client drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004.

Again and again, they pummeled her account, questioning why she told police at various points in 2005 that she had never been alone with Cosby before her alleged assault, that she never contacted him again afterward, and that the attack had happened in March 2004 --all claims she would later revise before her testimony last week. It has been over two years since Cosby, 79, was accused by Andrea Constand, 44, of sexual assault.

"I know the side that I'm on and the side that I'm hoping for, and after that, there's more work to be done", he said. In the deposition, which was released in 2015 at the request of The Associated Press, Cosby said he obtained several prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s and offered the now-banned sedatives to women he wanted to have sex with.

Victoria Valentino, who alleges that she was drugged and raped by Cosby in 1969, responded to the news with a mixture of sadness and determination.

Prosecutors say they'll retry Bill Cosby
And even through the lengthy deliberations, she remained that way, and often lifted prosecutors' spirits when they needed it most. The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission.