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Mother of Father's Day remembered by great-grandaughter

19 June 2017

I haven't done this in a while. Because of you, they have learned to love and not hate, they have learned to obey and not disrespect, they have learned to be responsible and not mischievous and other good deeds of human kindness. But, all dads deserve a big "Thank You" on Father's Day.

"If you don't stop crying, I'll give you something to cry about". These married fathers with children younger than age 15 have remained out of the labor force for at least one year, primarily so they can care for the family while their wife works outside the home. Just last week, I borrowed mom's phone only to find out that she still uses your birthday as her passcode, your name as her hotspot password, and she still keeps a picture of you inside her wallet. We won't stop admiring you ever. That father can be stern, yes, but always in a loving way.

With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, June 18, some of us may have some last-minute shopping left to do to honor Dad.

One dead after van drives into pedestrians outside London mosque
The van struck people after mounting the pavement just after midnight BST outside Muslim Welfare House, near Finsbury Park Mosque. A statement released by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) condemned what it described as a " terror attack ".

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around".

Wish you a Happy Fathers Day.! As you figure out how what to gift or how to spend Father's Day 2017 with him, we quickly delve into some facts, date and history behind the origin of the day. You know, your dad has to face a lot of challenges each day, and a word of appreciation coming from the mouth of a son will give him new life in no time. We try to do the best we can, but even when we can't give them everything they need, we can give them that one most important thing - our love.

Father's Day is just over. He spoiled me but was also strict with me.

Cosby team triumphant, but sex crime retrial, lawsuits loom
Bill Cosby talks to the news media as he leaves the Allegheny County Courthouse on May 24, 2017, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial on Saturday morning after six days of jury deliberation.

When I was a kid, I often wondered where my dad got all of his wisdom. I hope you're proud.

"He's really good about having an unbiased opinion when he listens to things that are going on in my life, and so because of that - because he's such a good listener - I totally trust his opinion on things", Steele said. Tell your father how much you love him so he can feel better today. He should be treated as the best father in the globe, and you should let your daddy know about this.

Fathers play many vital roles - provider, protector, teacher, friend.

Real Madrid: Cristiano will prove innocence over tax allegations
Real Madrid said in a statement it had "full trust" in its player, who they believe has "complied with his fiscal obligations". Ronaldo earned £72 million from salary, bonuses and endorsements in 2016 and is now the world's highest-paid sportsperson.

No one knows about the tastes and preferences of your father more than you. These meaningful conversations with loved ones can create a treasure-trove of stories for future generations to cherish and can help you meaningfully celebrate his life when the time comes. I always sort of felt such gifts showed a lack of thought and originality. I've always felt that there's something missing, like a hunger that doesn't seem to pass.