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Niantic Teases New Pokemon Go Features Are Coming Soon

19 June 2017

Thus, over the past couple of days, the Pokemon GO community has largely been speculating about when the shutdowns would actually take effect.

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The popular mobile game announced that it would close its entire gym system on June 19 to prepare for its next major update. With the game steadily approaching its first anniversary, the chances of Niantic debuting a number of new features in its most successful title definitely makes flawless sense. This news was announced by Pokemon Go's official channels, including its support page and its the official Pokemon Go twitter account.

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Heads Up: Gyms will soon be closing temporarily for remodelling. Furthermore, it assured fans that the designated monster on that gym will be returned to their respective trainers once the said tweak is done. Game developers seem to think that the gym update will be enough to get at least some players to come back to the game, which seems rather ambitious as gyms were never the main feature of the game.

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Quigley added that although the gym system is fun, the fact that a trainer goes alone does not make it an experience that allows players to connect with each other. Hence, the developer is thinking of a collaboration among them faithfuls in-game, though further details were not disclosed. Not to mention we still need to know when Legendary Pokemon are going to be released into the wild too. However, Niantic is still zipped about such idea.

Niantic Teases New Pokemon Go Features Are Coming Soon