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Trump personal attorney says president not under investigation

19 June 2017

On Sunday, the president trotted out his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, to do the Sunday morning talk shows.

Other presidents have managed to compartmentalize investigations and go about the business of governing, but Trump seems consumed by the Mueller probe.

"The tweet from the President was in response to the five anonymous sources that were purportedly leaking information to The Washington Post about a potential investigation of the president", Sekulow continued.

Sekulow said that Trump's comment was specifically in response to a Washington Post story, quoting unnamed sources familiar with the Mueller investigation, as saying that Mueller was probing whether Trump obstructed justice in firing Comey. Sekulow then blamed Twitter's 140 characters per tweet limit (which he identified incorrectly as 141 characters) for not allowing Trump to be more clear, although the president has tweeted multi-part statements before.

"But the president, as James Comey said in his testimony and as we know as of today, the president has not been and is not under investigation".

Sekulow appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press", CNN's "State of the Union," CBS's "Face the Nation" and "Fox News Sunday" on Fox. "The president is not and has not been under investigation for obstruction".

Wallce: Sir, you just said two times that he's being investigated.

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"If that happens Mike Pence will soon become the 46th President", Painter wrote. "That's impossible. The president cannot be investigated, or certainly cannot be found liable for engaging in an activity he clearly has power to do under the constitution".

Rosenstein is the only official who could fire Mueller, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from the probe into Russian interference in last year's presidential campaign and whether anyone close to Trump colluded with the Russians. "I mean, he's been a fighter his whole life".

Sekulow: No. No, he's not being investigated.

"Senator, think about what you just said".

"It's becoming clear to me that the president has embarked on an effort to undermine anyone with the ability to bring any misdeeds to light, be that Congress, the media or the Justice Department".

The memo sent Thursday asks for records related to foreign travel, contacts with Russian "officials, agents or nationals" and background investigations into the top Trump associates now targeted by Mueller's probe.

"The message the president is sending through his tweets is that he believes the rule of law doesn't apply to him and that anyone who thinks otherwise will be fired", Feinstein said.

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"You're right, Chris. I can not read the mind of the special prosecutor", Sekulow responded.

We're getting a bit lost in the weeds here.

When Wallace pointed out that Sekulow had appeared to agree in his answer that the president is under investigation, the lawyer grew flustered.

"But you don't know that he's not under investigation, right?"

"Now you're reading minds again", Wallace said.

"We are far closer to the beginning of the investigation than we are to the end", he said.

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