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Xbox One X Formally Unveiled, Coming This Fall

19 June 2017

This of course hasn't slipped the minds of the powers that be at Microsoft - particularly given that the new Xbox One X will be sold alongside the Xbox One S at just $250. At the price that the XBOX One X comes in at, this was highly expected.

Spencer on stage at E3 2017 where the company announced that "Project Scorpio" would officially launch as the Xbox One X.

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If you were planning on getting Forza on your new Xbox One X or 4K PC system, you still have time to upgrade that lovely Solid State you just put in with a honking game holder. While it is a bit tough to see, the display in the controller shows off the original boot animation of the original Xbox that was released in 2001. It would seem the Xbox One X handily wins, but as the author of the piece points out, these prices are likely to dip at least somewhat between now and the launch of the Xbox One X later this year.

Users with standard 1080p screens can still enjoy some of the benefits of the Xbox One X, says T3, such as the new "supersampling" feature that increases the visual performance of games for lower-resolutions displays. Imagine, if you had a 500GB console, downloading this game will take up 1/5 of the entire hard drive of a machine that's supposed to last your many years. The console is still a few months out, but the anticipation still appears to be pretty high, even with the Playstation 4 Pro.

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Launching the PlayStation 5 in 2018 means a short life cycle for the PlayStation 4.

First of all, Sony's console is already available in the market, whereas the Xbox One X will not hit store shelves until later this year. Microsoft has priced this console at $499, making it the most expensive console among the three. And if ever I want Xbox One games at their technical best, I can just buy them on PC. Whether this will be enough to make the console successful is another thing, however. "And I think a lot of the other people have a current generation console and are looking for a premium experience and something that really looks different".

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Spencer also does not think that the Xbox One X should be compared to the PS4 Pro since he believes that they are not on the same level.

Xbox One X Formally Unveiled, Coming This Fall