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Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina

20 June 2017

Police in Argentina found a treasure trove of Nazi relics in a hidden room in a house near Buenos Aries on Monday.

In the area of Buenos Aires discovered a cache of artifacts of Nazi Germany.

The objects found included magnifying glasses inside elegant boxes with swastikas, a statue of the Nazi Eagle above a swastika and even a medical device used to measure the size of heads.

Authorities believe the relics are originals that belonged to high-ranking Nazis in Germany during World War II.

Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said: "Our first investigations indicate that these are original pieces".

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The Bangkok Post reported that, according to Bullrich, items in the collection of 75 artifacts that are among the most disturbing are ones used in the indoctrination of children to help bring them up to continue the beliefs of the Nazis. "There are photos of him with the objects", she added.

She noted that many pieces were accompanied by old photos depicting them, as "a way to commercialize them".

According to the Head of the Argentine Federal Police Nestor Roncaglia, the operation was the result of an investigation aimed at "protecting and recovering cultural property", which was of illegal origin and hidden behind false walls. "We are reaching out to global experts to deepen" the investigation.

The photograph was not released to the public, but was shown to reporters on the condition that it not be published.

Agents with Interpol raided the collector's suburban home on June 8, armed with a search order. They found a secret passageway to a room filled with Nazi and archeological artifacts concealed behind a bookshelf.

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The collector, who has not been identified, is under investigation by a federal judge.

"There are no precedents for a find like this. But this is original and we have to get to the bottom of it", Roncaglia said.

The police and the Argentinean Jewish community, who are trying to find out how they might have come to Argentina, have a theory suggesting a high-ranking Nazi or Nazis may have brought the artifacts with them, after World War II.

One top Nazi who fled to Argentina, Adolf Eichmann - a leading architect of the Holocaust - was later kidnapped by Israel, put on trial and hanged in 1962. After the Israeli Mossad agents managed to capture Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann from Buenos Aires, Mengele, who was known as the "Angel of Death" during World War II, moved to Paraguay. Mengele later died in Brazil in 1979 while swimming off a beach in the town of Bertioga.

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Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina