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PGA Tour to start blood testing next season

20 June 2017

The PGA Tour will begin blood testing players next season as it toughens its stance on doping.

Players are now tested via urine and while that process will remain as the "predominant method", they will also be subjected to blood testing commencing in October for the start of the wraparound 2017/18 season.

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Urine testing is the PGA Tour's current method for drug-testing and it still plans to use urine samples for the vast majority of its tests next season.

The introduction of blood testing - in order to detect substances like Human Growth Hormone - and adopting WADA's prohibited list have always been called for, as the PGA Tour's own list has differed in three categories relating to asthma medications, allergy and anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids and pseudoephedrine over a designated threshold level.

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Tuesday morning, the PGA Tour announced multiple changes to its drug testing program, with one being of major significance.

The Tour's prohibited list will now include all substances and methods currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited list of Substances and Methods.

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Instead, the Tour will issue a statement at the beginning of next season "once the adjudication process is completed" detailing the player's name, length of suspension and whether the violation came from a performance-enhancing drug or a "drug of abuse". The Tour first implemented a drug testing policy in 2008. The problem was in the fact that when the tour went out to disprove the conception that athletes dope, they didn't want to know if their athletes doped.

PGA Tour to start blood testing next season