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Sekulow Hits Cable News Circuit Hard For Trump

20 June 2017

Ultimately, Sekulow conceded there is "no duty" for the investigators to notify the White House if Trump is being investigated "in the sense of an obligation to tell". Sekulow said he "can't imagine" a scenario where the president would be under investigation and not know about it.

More importantly, Sekulow, an agile lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court, enjoys high credibility with conservative base voters.

His performance was unimpressive, The American Lawyer wrote at the time.

American Lawyer magazine wrote at the time that Sekulow was "rude and aggressive" and "so nervous that at times he appeared almost out of control". The ordinance literally barred "First Amendment activity" at the airport, presenting clear constitutional problems. Sekulow won the case in a unanimous decision that struck down the measure.

"I left the courtroom feeling like the Beatles must have felt leaving Shea Stadium", Sekulow wrote in an essay for Jews for Jesus.

The victory turned Sekulow into a crusader for religious expressions and a celebrity on the Christian right.

Sekulow joined forces with televangelist Pat Robertson, who hired him in 1992 as chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). He has argued a dozen cases before the Supreme Court.

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Trump regularly praises the Fox News morning show on Twitter but that didn't stop co-host Brian Kilmeade from challenging the president's Twitter usage.

Watch above, via Fox News.

But Sekulow, who this weekend discounted Trump's tweeted claim that the President was under investigation over his firing of former FBI Director James Comey, has nothing to fear.

"So if the legal theory they were applying was correct, this is what it would be: The president of the United States takes legal action based on a recommendation from the Department of Justice to remove the Federal Bureau of Investigation director". Regarding the topic of recusal by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mr. Sekulow went on to say that "This matter doesn't call for recusal at this point, " but he can't predict what the future may bring.

He stumbled during a heated exchange on Fox News about the president's claim that he is "being investigated for firing the Federal Bureau of Investigation director".

That's when Sekulow grew frustrated.

"Sir, you just said two times that he's being investigated", Wallace said. "I really don't", Sekulow told CNN's Chris Cuomo in a pugilistic encounter Monday. "When thinking of the kind of lawyers Trump should seek for this crisis, Sekulow's name wouldn't come to mind - not because he's ridiculous, because he's not that kind of attorney". The President's standing among GOP voters would be vital should his party ever face a question of whether to open House impeachment proceedings, should Mueller allege serious wrongdoing.

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Sekulow did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Sunday night. "And I want to be very clear about this - the president is not and has not been under investigation".

There's no doubt about Sekulow's loyalty to Trump. Perhaps that's among the reasons Trump hired him. Even the Federal Bureau of Investigation director told Congress that he serves at the pleasure of the president.

In May, Sekulow dismissed the Russian Federation scandal as "a fraud on the American people". There's only one thing missing: "facts".

"It will be in the history books", Sekulow said. In an appearance on Hannity, he said: "This is the complete collapse of James B. Comey and the Comey narrative about this case".

"If the President of the United States asks you for legal advice, and if you are a lawyer and you are serving your country and the Constitution, you do it", Sekulow said June 9 on his radio show.

"Why don't we just make Shakespeare, Shakespeare?" This is an attack on the presidency.

He added that he was fulfilling a sort of commitment to his audience as well.

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But Sekulow said Trump "cannot be investigated, or certainly can not be found liable, for engaging in an activity that he clearly has powers to do under the Constitution".

Sekulow Hits Cable News Circuit Hard For Trump