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Trump urges to vote for Republican Ralph Norman

20 June 2017

In ordinary years, this is no swing district. Mitt Romney carried the district by more than 23 points when he faced former President Barack Obama in 2012.

While the affluent district has always been solidly red territory - Price breezed to a 23-point victory last November - it has not been quite as friendly to Trump's brand of populist Republicanism.

"They know that I'm a person who is determined to get the job done", said Handel, who has lived in her district for 25 years.

More than 133,000 advance and mail-in ballots have already been cast.

Both candidates have denounced the ad.

Aside from the race's political implications, voting technology activists also are keeping a close eye on Georgia. The latest campaign by Latinos Vote! will include bilingual pamphlets sent directly to 14,000 voters and digital ads targeting voters on their mobile phones in the district, which is about 13 percent Hispanic.

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The makeup of the electorate is critical to watch. Imagine someone like Ossoff making decisions on defense, intelligence, and counterterrorism. "Flip the 6th!" as Ossoff takes the microphone.

To win, Ossoff will need something approaching presidential-level turnout from Democratic base voters - and African-Americans are a crucial component of that base.

"For all the attention to the national frame here, what folks want is representation that delivers a higher quality of life", said Ossoff.

He has been careful not to alienate persuadable voters in a heavily Republican district. But he admitted it's coming: "Whoever wins will be right into the re-elect, no doubt".

Handel maintained some distance from Trump in the primary but has fully embraced his support and agenda since, including a joint fundraiser.

The Republicans have held Georgia's 6th Congressional District since the 1970s and, really, since the political realignment of the South.

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Mr Ossoff narrowly failed to win the 50% needed to secure outright victory in the election for the Atlanta seat in April, forcing this run-off vote against Ms Handel. She'll have even helped write the playbook, after relentlessly working to tie Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi and hitting him on national security. He moved on to the subject of health care, condemning congressional officials for acting in their own partisan interests. Even a razor's-edge win in a district where GOP congressional candidates typically top 60% would be a stark reminder of the wave potential of the 2018 midterms. And, yes, perhaps that's enough to win back the House from the Republicans - even without entering into a fight over redistricting (this Georgia district was reportedly gerrymandered to benefit Republicans).

Despite Trump's low approval ratings the president expressed support for Handel, 55, in multiple social media posts Monday.

Was Ossoff too liberal or too moderate?

But he defied expectations when he catapulted from obscurity to almost winning the House race in April, while running in a longtime conservative stronghold in Georgia. Ossoff's campaign said it is registering more than a hundred new voters a day. The ad was condemned by both campaigns.

Now Myers and thousands of others will be able to register until May 21, which could have a big impact in an election that could be decided by the narrowest of margins. Rather, groups like the Congressional Leadership Fund, a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, have spent millions on her behalf.

This reality has Sen. Handel and several neighbors received threatening letters with a white substance the Federal Bureau of Investigation later said was likely not hazardous.

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This caused some to question whether Ossoff is a progressive.

Trump urges to vote for Republican Ralph Norman