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US Reports a Major Milestone in Wind and Solar Power

20 June 2017

He gave the reassurance during the Nigerian Renewable Energy Roundtable organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Tuesday.

India's draft National Energy Plan, updated past year, estimates that the country will have as much as 175 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2022. Despite being slowed by a reduction in federal support, the progress over time was dramatic.

Coal-fired power generation in the United States is expected to fall by 51 percent by 2040, with a 169 percent increase in renewable power helping to fill the void.

As batteries and new sources of flexibility bolster the reach of renewables, the renewable energy will be reaching 49 percent in India, 55 percent in China, 74 percent penetration in Germany and 38 percent in the 2040 anticipates newly released Bloomberg New Energy Finance's (BNEF) annual long-term analysis of the future of energy- 2017 New Energy Outlook (NEO). This is compared with just 12 percent and 5 percent today. But for these efforts to succeed, one falsehood must be debunked immediately.

NASA Discovers 219 New Planets with Kepler Mission; 10 Are Earth-Size
One of the research groups was able, thanks to the data provided by Kepler, to make precise measurements of thousands of planets. NASA recently announced on Twitter that they have "identified 219 potential new worlds".

Furthermore, it is not in question that it would be theoretically possible to build a reliable energy system excluding all bioenergy, nuclear energy, and fossil fuel sources.

Before the meltdown, renewables only covered around 9.6% of Japan's energy production.

Increasing competition from renewable energy technologies is adding to the pressure on underground mines. In the previous year, the newly elected government defined a target to develop up to 2 GW of solar capacity per annum to reach 20 GW of PV capacity by 2025, a substantial increase from the current level.

The percentage of Colorado's electricity from solar and wind in March was also well above the roughly 18 percent the state saw for all of a year ago, which officials say could be attributed, in part, to the month's strong winds. From a reliability perspective, this is a positive development. This would allow them to save surplus electrical power for later use.

Oil prices slip as US rigs rise
Meanwhile, global demand for crude will only jump by 1.4 million barrels a day, led by economic expansion in China and India. Traders noted the Brent front-month contract was at the highest premium since late May over the same WTI contract.

But some states that get huge percentages of their electricity from wind and solar may surprise you: Iowa (37%), Oklahoma (25%), North Dakota (21%), and Kansas (30%).

What happens when the wind doesn't blow, or the sun doesn't shine? That's the more contentious question. Wind accounted for 8% during the month and solar accounted for 2%. Innovative Solar Systems is now the #1 US Developer of large scale Solar Farms and no other developer has the size or quality of projects that ISS has in development here within the United States.

These electric grids share several features that create stability.

"The report suggests that the greening of the world's electricity system is unstoppable, thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar and wind power", said Seb Henbest, lead author of the report at BNEF. The European grid is a regional grid, and the sun is nearly always shining, or the wind blowing, or water flowing, somewhere in Europe.

Adele Visits London Firefighters who Fought Grenfell Tower Blaze
A minute's silence was held across Britain at 11 am Monday to commemorate the victims of the tragedy. But I don't think anything prepared me for what I was going to see when I was in there.

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US Reports a Major Milestone in Wind and Solar Power