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Will Trump Executive Order Boost Restaurant Jobs?

20 June 2017

Trump has spoken about bolstering apprenticeships several times in his young presidency.

Trump's proposed budget does not increase funding for apprenticeships over last year's funding, though he has called for an additional $200 million to apprenticeship grants-doubling existing funding-by shifting money from other workforce programs.

"There is a little bit of uncertainty", about how the order will be put into effect, said Scott, the ranking Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

Trumps says the goal is to rollback federal restrictions that have prevented some industries from creating apprenticeship programs. "Apprenticeships place students into great jobs, without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees". He signed an executive order to encourage more of them. Additionally, the new definition of apprenticeship offered by the executive order, coupled with the lack of clarity on wages and wage progression, makes it totally unclear whether apprentices would be classified as employees and paid at least minimum wage. "American companies want to hire", Mr. Acosta said. Add to that, news from NPR that only about a half-million of the nation's 146 million jobs were filled by apprentices past year, and the challenges of the funding issues crystallize. Ms. Whitehead is driven to find and share news of the many professional passions people take to work with them every day in the pizza and quick-service restaurant industry.

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Obama's budget in 2016 appropriated $90 million for apprenticeships and Congress under Trump's administration is expected to appropriate $95 million for 2017, CNBC reported. It would allow trade associations, labor unions, industry, and third-party training providers to create their own standards and criteria for apprenticeship programs, and then seek expedited approval from the Department of Labor. Employers must apply to participate in the program, and many say the registration process is needlessly cumbersome.

Federally funded job-training programs are also ineffective, the order says, and those that don't work should be reformed or eliminated.

"We're here to celebrate the dignity of work", Trump said before the signing. This, despite the fact that while on the campaign trail, Walker once said that President Trump would be an "apprentice in the White House". Labor will provide oversight on the program.

The topic of apprenticeships and other workforce development initiatives enjoys bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

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The executive order, which was developed along with the Labor Department, will allocate more funding and create a task force of business leaders to promote the programs across new business sectors. Instead, apprentices earn while they learn, which is an expression we're using - earn while you learn. Higher education, however, is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Is Trump actually expanding the apprenticeship program?

Trump's resume includes the hit television show, "The Apprentice". Rather, it's about choice: offering multiple pathways to education and good jobs. That's part of a broader effort to show Trump remains focused on his policy agenda despite cascading headlines about investigations into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation and the possibilities of acts of obstruction of justice.

"The Secretaries of Defense, Labor, and Education, and the Attorney General, shall, in consultation with each other and consistent with applicable law, promote apprenticeships and pre apprenticeships for America's high school students and Job Corps participants, for persons now or formerly incarcerated, for persons not now attending high school or an accredited post-secondary educational institution, and for members of America's armed services and veterans", the executive order stated. "These students deserve education and training that will give them the resources and tools to succeed, and these bogus organizations will not do that". So I want to thank my daughter Ivanka and her leadership.

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Will Trump Executive Order Boost Restaurant Jobs?