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Pentagon chief blasts N.Korea over U.S. student who died

23 June 2017

"We hold North Korea accountable for Otto Warmbier's unjust imprisonment, and demand the release of three other Americans who have been illegally detained".

KCNA said the North dealt with him according to its domestic laws and worldwide standards.

The KCNA news agency Friday said that Warmbier was treated in accordance with domestic law and said that allegations that he may have been tortured during almost 18 months in detention were "groundless". However, on 13 June, after spending about 17 months in captivity, Warmbier was sent back to his country in a state of coma on "humanitarian grounds". Mr. Warmbier returned to the United States in a coma last week, only to die six days later, with North Korean officials claiming his condition was caused by botulism and a sleeping pill.

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately following the death of Otto Warmbier.

On Monday, Warmbier's family released a statement announcing that he had died.

No cause of death has been determined for student Otto Warmbier (WARM'-beer).

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Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was on the same page as Trump-a rarity-suggesting that the United States "cannot and should not tolerate the murder of its citizens by hostile powers".

He said that North Korean medics had "brought him back alive" after his "heart was almost stopped" but did not give any further details as to why he fell ill.

He was accused of stealing a propaganda sign from a hotel and, two months later, was sentenced to 15 years hard labour.

Warmbier traveled to North Korea with Young Pioneer Tours, a China-based travel company, and planned to stay in the country for five days before flying to Beijing for a 10-day tour.

Following the news of Mr Warmbier's death, US President Donald Trump said that "bad things" happened in "brutal" North Korea but at least he died at home with his parents.

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The article also criticized South Korea for using Warmbier's case to seek the release of other detainees, including six South Korean nationals.

Warmbier's former soccer coach, Steve Thomas, said the Jewish student came from a religious family and was involved in mission trips and a birthright trip to Israel.

He was held for almost a year-and-a-half in North Korea before being sent home in a coma last week.

Any punitive measures by Beijing against companies allegedly supporting North Korea would be carefully calibrated - to push Pyongyang to stop its nuclear tests but avoid being seen as giving in to U.S. pressure, analysts say.

How may relations between the U.S. and North Korea be affected?

Otto Warmbier dies after being detained by North Korea
But she said the US wants more action against blacklisted North Korean companies doing business through China. A ban on Americans visiting North Korea would only slightly add to the North's isolation and loss of revenue.

Pentagon chief blasts N.Korea over U.S. student who died