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Rep. Tim Ryan on Dems, Pelosi: 'Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump'

25 June 2017

Handel won about 52 percent of the vote to quell the upstart phenomenon of Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old Democrat who raised more than $23 million, much of it from out of state.

At his big rallies last fall President Trump kept telling his supporters, "We're just going to win and win so much you're going to get exhausted of winning".

Nancy Pelosi is still their party's prom queen.

Many rank-and-file Democrats were not having it. "That's a problem going forward, and it's going to be a challenge in House races particularly". "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team". "But she certainly is one of the reasons".

It has been a rough week for the embattled leader of the Democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi.

But for every Democratic official or operative publicly calling for new leadership, there are others who privately express the same sentiment.

Just hours before the news conference, moderate Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice of NY reiterated her call that it was time for Pelosi to step aside. "Republicans ran national ads against Tip O'Neill in the 1980s".

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But Pelosi is a prodigious fundraiser with a long history of building ties with Democratic members of Congress.

Up until the second the polls closed, Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media were calling the Handel-Ossoff race an important referendum on the Trump presidency.

Despite the string of losses in special elections, some Democrats said there were reasons to be encouraged.

But in recent weeks, both candidates had in many ways shied away from talking about the controversial president, with Ossoff trying to present himself as nearly nonpartisan and refusing to support higher taxes for wealthy people or a single-payer health care plan.

Trump said he hoped the country "emerges from this ordeal more unified and more determined than ever".

There's little question the result amounted to a pretty bad return on investment for California donors in what became the most expensive House race in USA history. Allies and grassroots supporters were sent suggested tweets Thursday that urged Democrats not to ditch Pelosi in the middle of a high-stakes legislative battle over the future of health care reform. "It was like a fidget spinner".

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Ryan-aligned GOP super PAC that spent heavily in Georgia, said its polling showed Pelosi to be one of the most effective attack messages in the race as they tried to undercut Ossoff's portrayal of himself as a noncontroversial moderate. "It feels like we don't live in a democracy anymore". One of their ads even features the Bay Area and branded the two Democrats together, putting his photo alongside hers on the Golden Gate Bridge.

A Reluctant Defense of Nancy Pelosi
Which was fine by the Democrats who thought they were going to pounce and pick one off. "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team", Rice said .

But Aram Fischer, a leader of Indivisible San Francisco, an anti-Trump group, said his members weren't disheartened by Ossoff's loss. "We have closed the gap dramatically", said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). "We should go into these same districts and win in 2018".

Pelosi allies have pushed back at the blame game and pointed to the improvement Democrats had in other special elections in Kansas, Montana and SC as evidence that their efforts to harness the resistance against Trump was working.

Democrats hold 193 seats and need to gain 24 to be in the majority. "Childish. Radical. They've targeted Georgia, but we can stop them".

On Election Day it rained a lot more in the Democratic parts of the district.

Meanwhile, Trump had his own advice for the party.

Lawmakers are also bemoaning a weak Democratic bench of candidates nationally, and demanding a better strategy for success and a new and stronger economic message that differentiates them more clearly from the Republicans. "Obstruction doesn't work!" he tweeted early Wednesday morning.

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