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Officer stabbed at Flint Bishop Airport may be released from hospital soon

26 June 2017

Flint: Officials on Wednesday evacuated an airport in Flint in MI, where a witness said he saw an officer bleeding from his neck and a knife nearby on the ground.

He has been charged in USA federal court with committing violence at an global airport, with a bond hearing set for next Wednesday.

The 49-year-old has been remanded in prison ahead of a hearing scheduled to take place next week.

"I think it is safe to say that there will be additional charges forthcoming against Mr. Ftouhi", he said, adding if there is evidence the attack was an act of terrorism, terrorism- related charges could be authorized. He is also said to have failed in his attempt to acquire a gun.

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Authorities say the 49-year-old suspect from Montreal traveled to the United States legally from Canada on June 16, entering through Lake Champlain, New York, and then entered MI as early as June 18.

Neville's condition is improving, and he was listed in stable condition at a hospital Thursday, officials said.

Detroit's FBI Chief David Gelios declined to say where Amor Ftouhi attempted to purchase the firearm. The Flint, Michigan, airport officer stabbed in the neck during what authorities are investigating as a terrorist act is recovering well from a 12-inch “slash” that caused significant bleeding but spared major arteries and a nerve by “millimeters, ” Scholten said Friday.

During Wednesday's attack, the suspect, Amor Ftouhi, allegedly yelled "Allahu Akbar", (God is great), according to David Gelios of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Gelios said the attacker "continued to exclaim "Allah" and he made a statement to the effect of "you killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan" and 'We're all going to die'".

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He appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis Wednesday for his initial appearance wearing a mask because he had spat on a law enforcement officer, officials said.

Now investigators are trying to piece together why Ftouhi allegedly conducted what the Federal Bureau of Investigation is calling an act of terror.

Ftouhi eventually obtained a 12-inch "Amazon Jungle Survival Knife", which he is accused of using to attack the airport officer.

Then, Owen and the airport's Director of Public Safety, Christopher Miller, who had heard the commotion and were about 15 feet away, arrived at the scene within four or five seconds and helped restraint the suspect, Owen said. Officials declined to say what was found.

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Officer stabbed at Flint Bishop Airport may be released from hospital soon