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Ricciardo wins in Azerbaijan

26 June 2017

Sebastian Vettel is just three penalty points away from a one-race ban after his controversial collision with Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. "A multi-world champion should behave better than that. That is not how you drive".

It was an extraordinary performance from Stroll, the son of a billionaire, who faced heavy criticism earlier in the season.

In a stop-start race, the safety vehicle came out three times in quick succession before a red flag stopped the grand prix near the midway point because debris littered the track.

Vettel just failed to overtake Hamilton while Ricciardo brilliantly overtook Stroll to move into fourth.

However, as officials announced they were to investigate the incident, television replays showed that in the moments after the alleged "brake test", Vettel pulled alongside the Mercedes driver and drove into him whilst also gesticulating. The odds of a podium or win got pushed even further back when we had to make an unscheduled pit stop early in the race and I think I was back in seventeenth place. "So I think that in the end I am not.I don't agree with the penalty that I got, because if you penalize me, then you should penalize both of us, because it was not the way to do it".

Hamilton's rivalry with Vettel had, until that point, been built on cordial relations.

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Despite all the drama, four-time champion Vettel was under pressure to issue an apology to Hamilton and indeed Formula One after his risky actions were deemed to have brought the sport into disrepute.

The fact Ricciardo won from 10th on the grid, and that Bottas clawed his way back from last following an early incident, summed up a freaky race.

Ahead of a Safety Car restart - the second of the race at the time - Hamilton was coasting out of the downhill Turn 15 while picking the time to return to racing speed.

This damaged both cars - loosening further the head-rest in Hamilton's auto so severely that he was ordered to pit on safety grounds for repairs - and caused Vettel to lose his temper by pulling alongside Hamilton and then turning into him.

At least the chilled drink cooled him down, for when the race started at 5 p.m. local time the track temperature was still a roasting 53 degrees Celsius (127 Fahrenheit).

Hamilton was on pole position for the 66th time in his career, with Bottas second on the grid followed by Kimi Raikkonen in third and Vettel fourth.

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Vettel continued to be pushed on whether he deliberately hit Hamilton or not, but simply stated he felt both drivers should have been penalized for the incident. The manoeuvre before was not necessary and obviously damaged my front wing.

They would clash soon enough.

"That was not the right way to do it, exiting the corner, accelerating and then braking".

Ricciardo's Red Bull team mate Max Verstappen, the pacesetter during practice on Friday, was forced to retire for the fourth time in the last six races with engine trouble on lap 11 after he attempted to attack Perez and take third.

But all the talk was about the Hamilton-Vettel incident with the Austrian GP next.

The race also saw Fernando Alonso finish ninth to claim McLaren's first points of the season. "I do my talking on the track".

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Ricciardo wins in Azerbaijan