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Pennsylvania Couple Arrested After Having Sex In Park Near Playground

27 June 2017

Police were called to the park around 5:45 p.m. Thursday on the report on a couple having sex in the park in plain view near a playground. The wildlife turned X-rated as a couple chose to get down-n-dirty near a playground.

Police said several hundred people who were also in Kirby Park at the time got quite an eyeful when 31-year-old Jacqueline Getz and 29-year-old Kyle McClure made a decision to engage in "sexual intercourse, oral and digital sex in public".

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Horrified witnesses told police that they saw the pair involved in sexual intercourse, oral and digital sex.

Both were charged with indecent exposure in wake of their alleged series of public sex acts. Many of those that couldn't help but noticed Getz and McClure were children since they were located close to a playground. Some park-goers gave police video and photographic evidence of the couple's erotic antics.

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Getz, who lives in neighboring city Edwardsville, and McClure, a resident of Wilkes-Barre, are scheduled to appear in court for a July 6 preliminary hearing on the misdemeanor charges. They can also hit-up the fitness trail, running track and walking paths all while enjoy the picturesque pond.

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Pennsylvania Couple Arrested After Having Sex In Park Near Playground