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Trump To Sign Executive Order On Apprenticeships

28 June 2017

The President is highlighting the "failure" of Obamacare, as Senate Republicans try to get their own version of a health care replacement bill finished.

"It's time to give American families quality, reliable and affordable health care", he said.

There are about 500,000 apprenticeship positions in the US, representing less than a percentage of the USA workforce.

Trump said the law was "one of the greatest catastrophes that our country has signed into law, and the victims are innocent, hardworking Americans". Walker said he and Trump both want states to have more power in fixing this problem.

"There aren't enough people to fill the jobs and the people applying don't have the skills necessary", said Conor Smyth, spokesman for the Wisconsin Technical College System.

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President Trump made a mint as the longtime host of "The Apprentice" and later "Celebrity Apprentice" - and on Tuesday he signed an order that will boost funding and cut red tape to expand a popular federal apprenticeship program.

Participating business leaders are from Rockwell Manufacturing, Oshkosh Corporation, Briggs & Stratton, Mercury Marine and Quad Graphics. It is seeking more than 450 apprentices in its inaugural year. Now there are 11,000 adults and 3,500 high school students in apprenticeship programs overseen by the state.

Trump seems to be sending some mixed signals when it comes to job training. Ivanka Trump makes the case that companies like "IBM, Amazon and Dow Chemical" are working with schools to train our future workforce with skills that will help them get excellent jobs. The current apprenticeship regulations are complicated and prescriptive so it is anticipated that new Labor Department regulations would be more streamlined and beneficial for all participants.

Fed up with the fake news reporting, Trump tweeted, "Heading to the Great State of Wisconsin to talk about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!"

There's evidence of bipartisanship at least for the idea of apprenticeships.

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But the Trump administration, like President Barack Obama's, says there's a need that can be met with a change in the American attitude toward vocational education and apprenticeships.

Obama's budget in 2016 appropriated $90 million for apprenticeships and Congress under Trump's administration is expected to appropriate $95 million for 2017, CNBC reported. How can he call for better job training while cutting federal funding?

President Trump also spoke about the need for a more robust apprenticeship program during his first full Cabinet meeting on Monday: "Apprenticeships are going to be a big, big factor in our country". That's two billion dollars cut nationwide in job training funds.

American Federation of Teachers Local 212 President Mike Rosen said if Trump is really interested in apprenticeship programs he would invest more in skills training. "You still have a lot of organizations uncomfortable with moving more toward a work-learning model than a degree model", he says.

Walker went on to endorse Trump for president and after Tuesday's technical college tour the president planned to host a $1,000 per-person fundraiser for Walker's re-election campaign. "We support the president's challenge and look forward to partnering with government at every level as we work together to rebuild the pipeline that generates top talent", Wes Bush, the chairman, CEO and President of Northrop Grumman Corporation and chair of the Business Roundtable's Education and Workforce Committee, said in a written statement.

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Trump To Sign Executive Order On Apprenticeships