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'The Bachelorette' Drama Continues As Rachel Gets Closer To Finding Televised Love

11 July 2017

We needed a week's hiatus to recover from the bombshell that Rachel dropped on us two weeks ago. However, with hometown visits drawing closer and closer, Rachel kicked off the episode by announcing she'd be going on a three-on-one date as well as three one-on-one dates. Lucky for him, Rachel seemed to appreciate the truth more than the possibility of being left hanging by the end of the show. and she gave him a rose.

For the third solo date of the episode, Peter Kraus gets to go dog sledding with Lindsay and he worries about their future together, since he hasn't had as much alone time with her as some of the other cast members.

At dinner, Peter told Rachel that if he made it to the end of the show and he didn't feel true love for her, he wouldn't propose to her. "Yes, we have matching watches", Rachel gushed to the cameras. Adam plays the game well and tells Rachel all the things she wants to hear about how his family will love her, while Eric gets really real telling Rachel about his family's long troubled history and how he has never once brought a girl home. The big shocker was that both men - who received virtually no screen time or one-on-one time with Rachel - actually seemed confident that they had a chance of taking Rachel home to meet their parents. Though Rachel said that gave her pause, she chose to give him a rose anyway and take her chances. But the victor here is Rachel, who responded to Alejandro's nervous question about if she sees a future with him with a blunt and brutal, "Yeah, that's why you're still here".

"It's a very challenging city", he told Rachel, adding that it was easy "to sell a drug or commit a crime or just do anything of that nature because it was just normal".

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Bryan confessed to Rachel that the last time he introduced a woman to his family, the relationship ended shortly after.

Peter later teared up during the evening portion of their date (yes, Peter, not Rachel like we thought) as he recalls his sad breakup with his last girlfriend, and how he still holds on to guilt from that day. She admits he knows her weaknesses and likes that he isn't running away and she needs someone who does that for her. It's been evident since their first one-on-one date (the very first of the season!) and has yet to miss a beat.

Matt, Eric, and Adam all went on the three-on-one date which was a boat ride to Sciez-sur-Leman in France.

When Dean Unglert gets to have some solo time with Lindsay, he struggles with opening up about his family life and continues to joke instead of getting serious.

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As espnW editor Laura Marcinek put it: Dean showed his 26-year-old side tonight. He's become quite a bit more eccentric.

Can you believe hometown dates are nearly here? Bryan acted like he was so surprised that she offered to buy him the expensive watch, but let's be real here, he knew that watch was going to be free.

"I was on cloud nine after my last date with you, and I'm going higher".

Dean didn't exactly help his cause, though, thanks to the fact that he is TERRIFIED about Rachel meeting his family. He is ready and feels she is the flawless match for him. There are too many red flags popping up around him.

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'The Bachelorette' Drama Continues As Rachel Gets Closer To Finding Televised Love