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Democrats plant Trump landmines for GOP on defense bill

15 July 2017

Several others said they had not yet read the emails that outlined a desire by Russian officials to share potentially damaging information on Clinton as part of Kremlin's support for the Trump campaign.

But Corker predicted the House would soon pass a sanctions bill "almost identical" to the legislation that cleared the Senate easily in mid-June. The bill also imposes new sanctions on Iran.

The Trump administration objected to provisions in the bill demanding that the president obtain Congress' approval before easing or lifting the sanctions, significantly narrowing the White House's ability to reconcile with Moscow.

Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, called for Congress to "act definitively and immediately" on the sanctions legislation following Tuesday's disclosures by Donald Trump Jr.

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While the G20 dynamics may have been strained, world leaders have clearly moved up the learning curve on how to handle Mr. The communiqué declares the Paris Agreement "irreversible", leaving it open for the USA to reverse its decision to leave.

"There are serious concerns about the process proposed by House Republicans that would limit Congress's oversight role over the administration's implementation of sanctions", Hoyer said. The White House says the bill would strip the administration of necessary foreign policy flexibility. Russian Federation and the United States recently kicked off negotiations aimed at forging a broader peace in Syria.

That's because Republicans overwhelmingly have responded to revelations about Trump's administration or campaign by voicing confidence in ongoing investigations by the House and Senate intelligence committees and Robert Mueller, the former FBI director serving as a special counsel at the Justice Department.

"The reason why Putin and Russian Federation have any strength whatsoever is because Democrats completely ignored his expansion into the Baltic states and everything globally for the past eight years", McCain said. She said House Republicans are fully prepared to coordinate with the Senate and move the bill forward, "but House Democrats are blocking that and demanding their own changes to the bill".

The Republican National Committee had been talking about how legal fees would be handled.

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Democrats are complaining that it's just a delaying tactic, and the revised version will probably never see the light of day. Now that they can use Moscow to attack President Trump , however, the Russians are suddenly our greatest enemy again.

Now that members have reviewed the language more closely, House GOP and Democratic leaders are hoping to iron out the issues without re-opening the bill for a major rewrite.

"The GOP must immediately join us in a call for the release of all communications within the Trump campaign and within the family by email, text, Twitter, or any other direct message", Pelosi said. "That has never occurred", he said. The national trade association representing oil and gas companies said the bill could harm USA energy companies while strengthening the hand of Russian businesses. It opposes the measure's expansion of an existing prohibition on USA energy companies being involved in new Russian energy projects.

The bill also puts in place secondary sanctions that would impact countries that buy Russian military equipment, which has been a central way the Russian government has monetized its military.

"We didn't know and didn't particularly care whether they were doing any espionage or anything cool like that", said Michael Whitehill of Centreville.

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It also reported that the White House is anxious about the political dilemma the bill poses for Trump, if it is passed by the House. The bill has been signed into law now for 55 straight years.

Democrats plant Trump landmines for GOP on defense bill