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Macron-Trump tussle in new 25-second handshake duel!

15 July 2017

Trump used this opportunity to comment on the First Lady's body, to her face and to her husband.

Trump and Brigitte Macron also enjoyed a freaky interaction when he first touched down in Paris on Thursday to participate in the country's Bastille Day celebrations.

In a speech ending the Bastille Day parade on Friday, Macron stood before wounded French soldiers and thanked them as well.

"It was spectacular", NPR's Eleanor Beardsley tells Morning Edition.

"There is no divergence between France and Germany in the manner of treating President Trump", Macron added.

England v South Africa 2nd Test
In returning to Trent Bridge, England are back at a ground on which they have not lost a Test for 10 years. He added: "I think generally Lord's and Trent Bridge particularly (favour) overhead conditions ".

Yesterday, Mr Trump, 71, basked in the trappings of the Bastille Day military parade and commemoration of the entry of USA troops into World War I 100 years ago.

However, despite serious talks between the leaders, the handshakes were scrutinized online Friday. Handshakes and warm exchanges sum up Trump's two-day visit to Paris.

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Watch President Trump and French President Macron's marathon handshake before they parted ways in Paris.

The entire handshake, from the moment Trump and Macron's hands touch lasts roughly 30 seconds.

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"This is what we owe you", Macron said in a speech addressing victims' families, officials and others.

The musical medley of Daft Punk hits was performed in front of French President Emmanuel Macron, his guest Donald Trump, along with each of their political hordes.

"He even brought in Brigitte Macron in for a three-way handshake and makes you wonder what is next?" There was no such problem in Paris, perhaps because Trump simply confirms many long-held French views about Americans.

Trump's decision last month to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord sparked outrage across Europe and anti-Trump protests are planned while he is in Paris.

In Paris, however, Trump will witness his desired show of military might, albeit another country's. "We'll see what happens".

Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo dies
But the government said Liu was being treated by renowned Chinese cancer experts and the hospital said he was too sick to travel. Jared Genser, a United States lawyer who represented Liu, said all contact with Liu Xia had been cut off in the past 48 hours.

It's a packed itinerary for the new French president, who has taken to dramatic displays of Gallic splendor in welcoming Trump to France. Thought that would be the low point of the France visit? Eight U.S. Air Force fighter jets were first invited to immediately follow the nine Alphajets of the "Patrouille de France". The French president said that was part of a deliberate attempt to exert his dominance over Trump, because that's apparently how things work for these two people who literally have the ability to blow up entire cities with weapons that horrified their creators whenever they want.