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Reebok mocks Trump's compliments of Macron's wife

16 July 2017

If we didn't know exactly how Emmanuel Macron felt about Donald Trump, we might think there was a Trudeau-level political bromance going on between the French and American Presidents.

Trump and Macron shook hands as Trump departed a military parade, and they continued clasping hands as they walked along the parade route.

John Yang has our report. That's the explanation President Trump offered today for his son's decision to meet with a Russian lawyer a year ago in hopes of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Standing next to Trump, the French President said that while he remains "extremely attached to the framework of the Paris Accord", he "very much respect (s) the decision taken by President Trump".

Macron nonetheless appeared to have heeded calls for higher military spending by his defense officials and opposition leaders, saying that 2018 would mark the start of a new phase of increased expenditure.

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Director John Lasseter had explained that there wouldn't be a Toy Story 4 unless there was a story that was worth telling. Here are some things it will not be called: " Thawed ", " Frozen Solid", " Frozen : Seize the Day", or " Frozen Assets".

This year's celebration of French pride also marked the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I. Trump was the guest of honor at Macron's invitation.

Macron said, "We have disagreements; Mr Trump had election pledges that he took to his supporters and I had pledges - should this hinder progress on all issues?"

Late today, Lynch said she had nothing to do with it. It would be great if he did, since America is one of the biggest emitters of carbon in the world.

"We have found reliable allies, friends, who came to our rescue; the U.S. of America is one of them". What? I don't go to Paris. It's no longer Paris. Remember: this is Donald Trump talking, this isn't a normal or acceptable way to behave. So, I really have a feeling that you're going have a very, very peaceful and lovely Paris. He told me that he will try to find some kind of solution in the coming months.

Despite their differences on climate change and trade, the two leaders focused on their close cooperation against IS in Syria and Iraq.

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Snow was indeed kept breathing but has not gone through a huge transition in his character arc - until now. Personally, I don't really tell people my theories about things, but I think it could be.

He has said the Paris climate accord is soft on leading polluters such as China and India, putting United States industry at risk.

Bloomberg News White House correspondent Toluse Olorunnipa is covering the trip. "Be it Libya or the Sahel, I think I can say that we have the same vision, very coherent understanding of the situation in the region, and the same willingness to act very clearly against any form of terrorism and destabilization", he said.

Both leaders, accompanied by first ladies Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron, also enjoyed a lavish dinner at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

ANDRE KASPI: Emmanuel Macron is 39, exactly the same age as Donald Trump's son.

For the PBS NewsHour, I'm John Yang.

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It is no coincidence that South Africa's resurgence this match has come following the return of their captain, Faf du Plessis . Broad , 31, suffered a repeat of his heel injury leading up to the First Test, but he was running in with speed and goal here.

But whether the USA returns to the accord remains to be seen, and no one's holding their breath.

Reebok mocks Trump's compliments of Macron's wife