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US Democrats Introduce New Sanctions Bill Against Iran

16 July 2017

House leaders worked with their Senate counterparts on language to fix the blue slip problem and the Senate passed the updated bill by unanimous consent. Then there's the fact Democrats used their majority to pass a bill detested by almost all Republicans.

Ashley Etienne, a spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said that Democrats have been demanding for weeks, to no avail, that the House Republican leadership bring the sanctions bill to the floor for a vote. Whether the House ever actually makes such a move, however, remains to be seen. "I said the law was violated", she answered before her aides hustled her away. It helps explain how today's Russians think, how President Putin acts and why he remains popular.

Hoping to send a message to President Donald Trump to maintain a strong line against Moscow, the Senate passed the sanctions on Russian Federation, part of a broader measure also imposing new sanctions on Iran, by 98-2 on June 15.

While the House jockeying continues over the Russian Federation measure, which also includes a package of popular and bipartisan sanctions against Iran, the White House continues to push for changes to the Senate-passed bill that give Trump more leeway to waive penalties against Vladimir Putin's government without congressional intervention.

Especially when President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he really isn't sure that Russian Federation - or anyone else for that matter - tried to subvert the 2016 USA presidential election.

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It also reported that the White House is anxious about the political dilemma the bill poses for Trump, if it is passed by the House.

Corker pointed to a speck of dust on the floor and told reporters that focusing on the procedural issues Ryan's team has used to explain the House's slow going on Russian Federation sanctions would be like focusing on the speck of dust.

As the Russian Saga now involving Don Trump Jr. continues to dominate the White House Press Briefings, the best course of action for President Trump would be to uphold transparency and call for a press conference.

"This new package effectively means that the Senate would have to consider it all over again, further delaying passing a sanctions package, " she said.

"As you know, the Russian diplomatic compounds were seized based on the harassment, sometimes violent, of USA personnel in Russia", the Democrats wrote in their letter.

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House Democrats have not decided yet whether to file their own version of an Iran-Russia sanctions bill, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee told THE WEEKLY STANDARD Wednesday afternoon.

The RNC has not yet determined whether money in the organisation's legal defence fund can be used to defend Trump administration officials who may be pulled into the Russian Federation investigation, The Post said.

The Family Trump is outraged that the fake media has refused to take them at their word.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said "the best we can [do] is not on the table right now" and announced plans to unveil an alternative this week, according to Bloomberg. "It would be considered as a House bill, which would in and of itself cure the serious issue of the "blue slip" constitutional requirement", Hoyer said. "This is a smokescreen to a bill that needs to get done now".

There's also another issue lingering over the bill in the House that could lead to changes to the measure. Energy companies are also raising concerns about several provisions.

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But Ryan suggested that the House might address these concerns with changes to the measure. "It's out of business and we have to get this done".

US Democrats Introduce New Sanctions Bill Against Iran