Tuesday, 25 July 2017
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Fan Sneaks Backstage with Fake Credential, Walks out with Conor McGregor

17 July 2017

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is now in training for an upcoming super fight against Floyd Mayweather.

CONOR MCGREGOR is adamant he will shock the boxing world.

"I'm going to change the face of the game the same way I have for Mixed Martial Arts", he boasted.

"How this whole thing got started, as soon as we left LA, Conor started saying dance for me dance for me (motioning hands throwing money around)".

The best of Mayweather, McGregor world media tour

The fight against McGregor, which will take place in Las Vegas, is expected to challenge financial and PPV records, despite the one-sided expectations.

"I have a very high fight IQ", he said. Fighters bring a totally different style when they fight me.

Interestingly, during the banter while Mayweather had the microphone, the two fighters seemed to hint at a future rematch, this time in the octagon. "I know angles. I know where to touch you at". I don't even know how close the Russian Federation thing is.

This Mayweather-McGregor hooplah just keeps getting better.

Federer beats Cilic at Wimbledon to lift 19th Grand Slam title
Although, he has broken the men's record, the 14-year gap has only matched the record which Serena Williams reached last year. Finally, the legend clinched the sixth game to create history. "It's great, but it doesn't give me the title quite yet".

He proved that if you walk with confidence, you can get anywhere.

Also all of the craziest and funniest Conor McGregor moments.

"I don't think the boxing world has ever seen this kind of power, this kind of velocity, this type of movement".

Courting controversy: Mayweather has been slammed for using a gay slur about McGregor, while McGregor has previously used a racial slur in an earlier press conference. McGregor said. "50 Cent's a b*tch".

Moon's adviser proposes 5-way talks on North Korea
President Donald Trump has already said that the time for negotiations is over and yet it never seems to be over. Past relations show they can't be trusted. "We're not going to be paralyzed into inaction".

"And why not? I just beat Manny Pacquiao'".

During the face-off at the NY event, the crowd started a chant at Mayweather to, 'pay your taxes.' Mayweather has had recent problems with the IRS, but claims that he had paid off his taxes.

Reebok mocks Trump's compliments of Macron's wife
He has said the Paris climate accord is soft on leading polluters such as China and India, putting United States industry at risk. This year's celebration of French pride also marked the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World War I.

Fan Sneaks Backstage with Fake Credential, Walks out with Conor McGregor