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Mass Production of All Three New iPhones Delayed

17 July 2017

One thing that is still unknown is whether Apple will be able to incorporate Touch ID functionality into the display in time for the iPhone 8. We're on board too. Based on this information, users can expect Apple to release an iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch AMOLED display which nearly completely eliminates the chunky bezels of previous iPhones, notes the report. Apple doesn't have its own production facilities, but has reportedly begun leasing the equipment to manufacturers to ensure its supply of the RFPCB components.

Honestly, there's nothing above that could be called a true game-changer. But of course this is the Internet we are talking about, where secrets are near impossible to hold onto. has looked back at when Apple has released the past five iPhones to try and reveal when this next generation could get its official unveiling. We think "fact" for those.

Amazon to develop its own messaging app
There can also be options to personalise your chats by adding color codes to conversations or giving nicknames to friends. Amazon Anytime will apparently let users "reach all your friends just using their name" even without their phone numbers.

Image source: Gordon Kelly/ForbesHello 3D Face Scanner!...

It seems, at least from this report of manufacturing difficulties, that Apple has designed some difficult-to-build phones, suggesting that they are full of interesting new features and technologies. It's possible, but would likely be viewed as a retrograde security step and attract widespread criticism. There were more bad news than good news for the smartphone, including software problems and possible delays for the premium iPhone 7 successor.

As for camera specs, there have been few bold claims about improvements there. However, I do know that this render has 4 camera-like sensors on the front of the device.

Insurers call Senate health care provision 'unworkable'
Rand Paul of Kentucky, who still oppose the BCRA, have praised the Cruz-Lee amendment for giving consumers more coverage choices. But at least the pools provided a way for people with expensive or chronic health problems to have some form of health coverage.

A third company, Wistron, is to produce the majority of the 5.5-inch model. However, the two lenses are arranged vertically with the LED flash sitting in between the lenses. We're pretty confident the camera claims are largely true.

Along with the new iPhone, you can also look forward to cool features, like new emojis. The firm even signed a deal with LG and Samsung for the same objective. This also raises the question about what kind of play in the AR space that Apple could have up their sleeve.

Published on Business Insider, part of his note read, "Our conversations with industry participants suggest that most consumers will not notice any major "must-have" experience changes because of new OLED displays versus LCD".

8 is enough: Federer gets record-breaking Wimbledon title
The Quick-Step Floors rider picked up 13 seconds to move up to fifth place ahead of Landa, 72 seconds off yellow. The Polish rider went all out, using his time trial skills to resist the peloton's pursuit as long as possible.

Mass Production of All Three New iPhones Delayed