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McConnell: John McCain Will Be Back With Us Soon

17 July 2017

The delay on the health care vote meant yet another setback for the effort to repeal Obamacare that once seemed to be a done deal after years of promises from Republicans. Younger adults and healthy people in the solid middle class may find more agreeable options. Millions of Americans will still lose insurance coverage or have vastly inferior plans. Allowing individuals to pay premiums from tax-sheltered accounts may create incentives for employers to stop offering coverage, say some independent analysts.

The new-fangled Senate bill, rolled out last Thursday, is seen to be on a knife edge after two Republicans came out immediately vowing to oppose it. "It would affect our rural hospitals and our nursing homes". The meeting, at Trump Tower, also included Jared Kushner, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, publicist Rob Goldstone, and at least two other people. And they could be asking for even more money, a source told Fox News. They could offer skimpier policies that don't offer maternity, mental health and prescription drugs. "Cruz's approach is not the answer", Collins said. President Trump said he wanted people covered, care for preexisting conditions, and lower premiums. (R-Texas) by including language giving insurance companies more flexibility in what kind of plans they sell, but the concessions risks support from centrists anxious that this will lead premiums to rise on sick people and those with pre-existing conditions.

"The insurance pool gets sicker and sicker", Paul warned.

Lonzo Ball Has Another Great Game Without Wearing His Sneakers
He dished out 10 assists, all by halftime, to go with four rebounds in an anticipated showdown with Dallas rookie Dennis Smith Jr. This year's Las Vegas Summer League Lakers are exciting a fan base looking for some positivity after four years of lacking it.

"We think it is unworkable", said Justine Handelman, top Washington lobbyist for the BlueCross BlueShield Association.

The bill also seeks to win the support of senators from OH and West Virginia by putting in more money for opioid addiction treatment, and boosting state subsidies for Florida, Louisiana and other red states.

The industry's stance poses yet another hurdle for McConnell, who has faced a slew of negative headlines this week about the bill. The danger here is threefold: More debate will intensify opposition; the GOP will be less prepared to shift gears to deal with issues like the budget and debt limit in September; and the rest of the GOP's legislative agenda will become less and less viable. "That may lead some employers to consider whether or not they want to continue to offer health insurance". The federal participation in the Medicaid program is in an essential underpinning. It would phase out enhanced federal financing for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion and limit overall funding for the program in the future. And it's becoming clear that Republicans' only defense of their health bill, projected to cover fewer people, is to just claim, on intuition, that that won't happen.

'Toy Story 4' Will Have New Paper Doll Character
Director John Lasseter had explained that there wouldn't be a Toy Story 4 unless there was a story that was worth telling. Here are some things it will not be called: " Thawed ", " Frozen Solid", " Frozen : Seize the Day", or " Frozen Assets".

The new Bill would add US$70 billion (S$96 billion) to state stability and innovation funds, leave intact Obamacare tax increases on the wealthy, and put US$45 billion towards addressing the opioid epidemic.

Some pointed out that even without good insurance, it's not like McCain would have been unable to afford the care he needed.


Kaiser Health News notes that special needs children who do not meet the Republican's strict criteria are the same poor children who make up most of the disabled kids on Medicaid. Republican governors whose states expanded their Medicaid coverage under Obamacare, have been criticizing the bill for that reason. He said he'd already heard from both men. "They've got a better handle on it than any bureaucrat in Washington".

Fans get behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars with new video
Lucasfilm's developers and writers worked closely with Disney's Imagineers on the expansion. Trowbridge echoed Beatty's sentiment that Galaxy's Edge is all about the guest experience.

McConnell: John McCain Will Be Back With Us Soon