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Reebok is schooling Trump on what not to say to a woman

17 July 2017

NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports that despite their differences, the two presidents seemed to have formed a bond. The tour was broadcast live on a Facebook video stream on Mr. Macron's official Facebook account, and that is how the so-called sexism encounter or flirtatious welcome was picked up and quickly spread across the internet.

"We're working on a second cease-fire in a very rough part of Syria", Trump said during a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump talked excitedly to Macron as a variety of World War I-era tanks rolled to a stop near the viewing stand.

"France is America's first and oldest ally". The event is nothing if not a glorification of the French state and military, with the President as the focal point of it all.

Lonzo Ball Has Another Great Game Without Wearing His Sneakers
He dished out 10 assists, all by halftime, to go with four rebounds in an anticipated showdown with Dallas rookie Dennis Smith Jr. This year's Las Vegas Summer League Lakers are exciting a fan base looking for some positivity after four years of lacking it.

Trump took a question from Cecilia Vega, who asked whether Federal Bureau of Investigation director nominee Christopher Wray was "wrong" to say that Donald Trump Jr. Trump and Macron spoke by phone last month and agreed to carry out joint airstrikes should the Syrian regime use chemical weapons again. In a speech made shortly after Trump announced he was withdrawing from the agreement, Macron told the U.S.: "France believes in you".

You don't need more Donald Trump on your newsfeed. "Beautiful", Trump proclaimed as Brigitte Macron was seen inching closer to Melania Trump.

But the foreign minister would say no more on the subject. Macron made a beeline for Trump only to change direction at the last moment to instead greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He wants Mr. Trump, with whom Ms. Merkel can not stand to be in the same room, to lay off encouraging the nationalists seeking to break up the EU.

UAE minister denies any hacking of Qatar
It also claims the boycott has led to human rights violations, and on Thursday one group said abuses were a outcome of the crisis. Funding, supporting, and enabling extremists from the Taliban to Hamas [terrorist organizations, outlawed in Russia] and Qadafi.

The Insiders programme previously drew global attention for criticism of Trump after a video of ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann analysing the president's apparent isolation at the G20 Summit in Hamburg went viral. "It's a rather interesting comment to make", she told the outlet's host.

In a moment captured on Facebook Live during Trump's visit to Paris, he can be seen giving French first lady Brigitte, a once-over before saying, "You know, you're in such great shape. attractive".

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Last spring, the Texas franchise dropped to the semifinals of the Western Conference against the San Antonio Spurs . That loss still weighs on Harden, who shouldered the blame for the defeat in the hours after the game.