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Game of Thrones Recap: Reunions and Farewells

03 August 2017

He talks about her marriage to Ramsay Bolton and apologizes that she had to go through that in their home. As usual, however, she gets the last word in rather than accepting total defeat. The song of ice and fire is sung by the promised prince. While both protagonists and primary contenders for the Iron Throne are mutually unaware of their blood-relation, Jon displays sparks of Ned Stark while standing his ground against grossly uneven odds for the sake of his Northern allies anxiously awaited the arrival of the army of the dead. Later, they're both drawn to the clifftops while sulking over their respective strategic setbacks. 16 minutes into the episode, the two finally share a shot together. but it's Dany walking at Jon Snow, noting that the only thing that kept her alive over her years of struggle was believing in herself as the only living Targaryen.

Jon, as a member of the Stark family, grew up at Winterfell in the North, while Daenerys travelled with nomadic Dothraki for the first few seasons of the show before taking the city of Meereen in the Bay of Dragons and residing there. So far this season we have seen big meetings, big deaths, and even bigger dragons, but who knows what it just on the horizon? As we anxiously wait for next Sunday's episode, here are ten of the most memorable Game of Thrones quotes scoured from the last seven kingdoms seasons.

We presumably won't know where GOT ultimately lands on the royal nature-vs-nurture question until season eight, but I imagine we'll see Dany and Jon hitting the books (and the furs?) together in coming episodes as he sticks around to mine all that dragonglass and send it back North. If the series is going to keep up this pace right up to the finale, it needs to start paring down. And finally, at long last, Jon Snow and Daenerys came face to face. In the end, Jaime might willingly lose his own life in the process of killing his sister because the truth is neither of them wants to live without the other.

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How do you think things will shake down when the Unsullied try to leave Casterly Rock? Victorious atop the ramparts at Casterly Rock, Grey Worm realises most of the Lannister soldiers are gone. When has Tyrion not used being underestimated to his advantage?

A fiery Daenerys is heard booming: "Enough with the clever plans". Cersei continues to stave off Euron's advances and tells him he will have his heart's desire when the war is won.

After Highgarden is overthrown by the Lannister army, Jaime finds Olenna in her chambers, and after speaking with her briefly, pours a vile of poison into her glass of wine.

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This is yet another loss in what's looking like a flat-out disastrous campaign for Daenerys. For the second straight week, Euron and his ships come barging in to wipe out some more of Dany's ships, while Jaime and company head to kill Olenna Tyrell.

Jaime wasn't present for Ellaria and Tyene's death, but he was there for Rickard and Brandon's.

Despite being responsible for their child's death, Cersei somehow still has Jaime under her finger, the pair getting down and dirty mid-way through the episode. "Lady Olena is the true Queen of Thorns.... wow".

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Worst of all, he left Daenerys's remaining ally, House Tyrell, open to attack by the Lannisters. From spending sleepless nights thinking of ways to exact her revenge, and more schemes to punish those who stepped all over her - Cersei visibly gets more powerful. At a certain age, it's hard to recall.

Game of Thrones Recap: Reunions and Farewells