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First Look of RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Prototype Will Amaze You

05 August 2017

Last month RED announced its $1,200 Hydrogen One Phone, which was described as the "world's first holographic media machine".

We'll keep updating you on the RED Hydrogen One phone once we know more.

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It still remains to be seen if RED can actually get this phone to market, and if anyone will actually buy it.

Coming back to the RED Hydrogen One smartphone, a video by a YouTuber called MKBHD shows a hands on the prototype of the phone. Given RED's reputation, though, holographic video looks like it'll be more than just a gimmick for the Hydrogen phone. Well, now we have received few prototypes of that device and trust me, it looks amazingly stunning. For to experience the REd Hydrogen One visually, directly go through the below video. The accessory snaps on to the smartphone to vastly improve the quality of its camera. But those hoping for more details on the internals of the phone are out of luck for now: apparently, we'll hear more later in the year.

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The fit and finish prototype has a metal back (the final product is promised with aluminum in the low-end version and titanium in the high-end version) with what Brownlee says are kevlar panels.

Red Hydrogen One smartphone, which will also have a holographic display. In fact, the prototype device as depicted in the video seems to highlight the unique build of the phone. Slightly down below there is a dedicated video camera button as well. There's also a bottom-facing 3.5mm headphone jack, if you're curious.

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Okay, so we wouldn't normally report on a smartphone here on DPG, but we just have to make an exception today. The phone packs a set of connector pins near the bottom of the rear panel, which, like the Motorola Moto Z series, will allow you to add mods to the handset that open up new features. The power button on the right side doubles as a fingerprint scanner, while the volume button on the left side has actually been split into two separate buttons, taking into account those freaky grooves. Jannard says he's already wowed director JJ Abrams with Hydrogen, who apparently described it as "ground-breaking, barrier-smashing, bar-raising and badass".

First Look of RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Prototype Will Amaze You