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IPhone SE 2 Release Date BACK ON For 2018

08 August 2017

According to AppleInsider, which obtained a copy of the note, Apple has "cancelled" the idea of embedding the Touch ID fingerprint scanner under the display of the Apple iPhone 8. Call it "Caramel" or "Yellow Brown" or something that shouldn't be called, it may have been "inspired" by the Nokia 8 Copper Gold rumor that no one also asked for. It is unclear whether TouchID will come embedded underneath the display, in power button or will get a new position.

The next flagship iPhone, which could go by various names including iPhone 8, iPhone Pro or iPhone X, is expected to be launched alongside other models which will be cheaper.

But those two phones are expected to have horizontally-arranged dual camera setups, much like the iPhone 7 Plus. The entry-level iPhone has not been upgraded since its launch except for a storage boost early this year that doubled the storage on the iPhone SE to up to 64GB as well as a 128GB model. But this year, we could see the Apple Watch pick up cellular comms so it can operate completely iPhone-free. On the other hand, those who could buy the device at Rs 40,000 could pay a couple of thousands more to buy another superior device. Based on the images, the frame of the device is highly reflective, perhaps indicating that it is made up of stainless steel rather than aluminum. Those measures appear to have fallen short last week when a massive leak revealed information about the company's most cherished secret: the upcoming iPhone 8.

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The iPhone 8 is expected to go on sale from U.S. $1,000. Current Apple Watch models are "dependent" on an iPhone to perform various functions such as streaming music, providing navigation, sending messages, and more.

The iPhone SE 2 - if it actually happens - will likely run similar specs and hardware to the iPhone 7s, which will launch alongside the iPhone 8 later on in 2017.

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If you couldn't believe it until now, then you should probably have enough proof that Apple's innovation in technology creation is just unstoppable.

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IPhone SE 2 Release Date BACK ON For 2018