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Everything you've ever been told about creating strong passwords is wrong

10 August 2017

"Some of these practices include irregular capitalization, using special characters such as a "!" or a "@" and including one number. Be extra vigilant in protecting your online banking password.

So, go forth and make your passwords words you'll never forget.

These pieces of advice have been repeated by "experts" ad nauseam.

It advised using capital letters, numbers and non-alphabetic symbols in passwords, in the belief that they would be more hard to uncover. Your password doesn't become more hackable because it's been in use for more than 180 days.

You may want to rethink your strategy.

Grassi's advice is to use longer, but easier to remember, "passphrases". There it is shown (at the time this article was first published) how federal security standards rely on three factors of authentication.

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In 2003, Burr wrote up a series of password security guidelines for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The gentleman who had us all changing passwords frequently and using odd character sequences now has regrets.

You may also want to rethink how often you update your password. Don't use the same password in two places (especially with the same user name or email address) and store them all in a password manager.

If hackers want to steal your passwords, they have more sophisticated methods than just guessing.

The full list can be read in a 5.3GB download - or users can test our their passwords on this link.

Some phones have built-in software to manage passwords. Legitimate companies will not send you messages asking for your password. Here is some of the latest advice on setting and resetting them.

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Consider how many passwords people have that are "critical".

Meanwhile, as people juggle dozens of complicated and ever-changing passwords, hackers have found more sophisticated methods of accessing them.

Passwords have become the bane of modern life. There should be a different one for each application and they don't need to be changed unless they are breached. Indeed, the paper reports, "In June, Special Publication 800-63 got a thorough rewrite, jettisoning the worst of these password commandments".

Bill Burr's "bible" on password security was written in 2003 while he worked for the US Government.

He has since said that changing your password regularly has little to no affect on the likelihood of being compromised. Once criminals know that there is a serious, widespread vulnerability they are certainly going to attempt to detect and exploit it.

Fisk said if you don't have a strong password that's OK because Google is actively checking to make sure you are who you say you are.

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Yes, creating a password can be a headache.

Everything you've ever been told about creating strong passwords is wrong