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Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4: 5 fiercely feminist moments

10 August 2017

While Game Of Thrones fans are now contemplating a romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys, it seems author George R.R. Martin had other ideas in his initial concept for the series.

But back to Jaime and the oddly specific detail of a left-handed First Man.

While it's true that you should hire people who are smarter than you, the best leaders know when it's best to think for themselves. The episode is titled "Eastwatch".

Showrunners Confirm That There's An Attraction Between Jon And Daenerys
It's wild to see the sets with fighters in armor on horseback sharing the frame with all the gear required to film the scenes. But if she doesn't seem happy, this photo of a miserable Tyrion shows just how hard this carnage was for him personally.

The most notable solution comes from the tale of Meraxes, the dragon ridden by Rhaenys Targaryen, the wife (and sister) of Aegon the Conqueror.

One of the most impressive scenes from Sunday's battle was the arrival of the Dothraki on the battleground, with the warriors standing on their horses' saddles to shoot arrows. Fed up with the travesty wrought upon society by the war, a preacher riled up the common folk and decided to make an example out of the dragons, the symbol of the ruling House Targaryen.

After early battles fought between the Greyjoy fleets, as well as the taking of Casterly Rock, Thrones has had plenty of battle sequences.

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Jon points out that if she wants to offer the world something new, prosperity and peace, she shouldn't use her dragons on civilians to bring the same destruction her father once did.

Rodgers clearly is more than just a casual fan, and to be honest, this theory isn't insane - although he has it a little backward. "Three dragons, three riders, three siblings". The fact that he tried to kill Dany rather than high-tail it out of there means he still has some allegiance to Cersei and her cause. She is paranoid and suspicious of even her most loyal supporters.

If there's any hint to where our sympathies are supposed to lie, consider the scene's centerpiece, a one-take shot as brutal as anything we've seen on the show. Perhaps he'll find something about the Night King in that massive stack of books? And that's with just one dragon - Dany's got two more waiting in the wings. If you didn't pick up on that, you need to go back to college in order to figure out how to watch television.

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We know some of you may have heard the story before, but forget the Jaime and Cersei twincest, there was originally a wholly different family affair brewing in the mind of author George R.R. Martin before his "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga found itself a publisher all those years ago.