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What to Expect from iPhone 8: Specifications, Features and More

10 August 2017

It is on the shoulders of Foxconn lies with most of the Assembly orders for the Apple smartphones. However, Apple might decide to launch only two or one variant of the iPhone and in that case the plans may change.

Though it is recently reported that the iPhone 8 has gone through all of the developmental procedures and is poised for mass production, we haven't got anything compelling to settle upon, how the iPhone 8 actually looks. This came as an astonishment as the primary breaks of iPhone 8 recommended inbuilt unique mark sensor on screen.

Code for the HomePod, Apple's forthcoming smart home device, was mistakenly posted online at the end of last month, and developers were quick to trawl it for hints about features in the next major iPhone. This will also mean that all 3 devices will be unveiled at the same time, however it may mean that the price of the iPhone 8 will be significantly higher and will only be available in limited numbers upon release. The OLED-equipped iPhone 8 is expected to be in short supply throughout the year, though.

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The assembly has also fired the attorney general, Luisa Ortega, who broke ranks to become an outspoken critic of the president. One prominent leader, Leopoldo Lopez, was returned to house arrest after being hauled off to military prison four days ago.

Earlier in July, rumors came out suggesting Apple was attempting to strike a deal with LG to invest billions of dollars in a new facility that will exclusively crank out OLED displays for Apple.

Another hands-on video has appeared showing the iPhone 7s Plus alongside the iPhone 8, with the latter being depicted in a gold/copper colour, as well as silver/white, and black.

According to a report by Forbes, the iPhone 8 design has been finalised, and mockups it's created imagine an evolution of the outgoing iPhone 7. Kuo's report reflects what has been seen by supply chain sources speaking to Digitimes, who said that all three models "have entered volume production".

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The phone is expected to include a front-facing infrared sensor. The alleged iPhone 7s Plus is seen with the same horizontally aligned camera set up, a glass body and a home button where as the iPhone 8 is seen sporting a bezel less screen, no home button and wit several sensors on front.

Face Unlock may be the future, but will it be the only future? Rambo indicates that the smartphone will be tracking your face at all times.

Similarly, password managers, banking apps, file management apps and other sensitive apps have been using Touch ID as an additional security layer. The device could also lock itself automatically when users stop looking at it.

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What to Expect from iPhone 8: Specifications, Features and More