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What This Weekend's Perseid Meteor Shower Will Actually Look Like

11 August 2017

NASA says the meteors are fast and bright, frequently leaving long "wakes" of light and color behind them as they streak through Earth's atmosphere. Travelling at nearly 60km/second, the meteors can leave a vivid train of light across the sky.

The Perseids is typically one of the most active showers of the year, with about 80 meteors per hour, though rates have topped as much as 200 meteors an hour. Look between the radiant, which will be in the north-east part of the sky, and the zenith (the point in the sky directly above you).

It's not expected that any of the meteors from the Perseid shower will hit the ground on Earth.

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PAGASA pointed out that cloudy to cloudy skies except for isolated light to occasionally heavy rains, gusty winds, and lightning will be experienced over the whole country.

The best viewing of the annual Perseid meteor shower should be Saturday night into early Sunday, according to NASA experts. "Even if this year might not be optimum conditions as far as moonlight and the ever-random chance of clouds ... it's one of the more dependable ones (meteor showers)".

The meteor shower happens as the Earth passes through debris left behind from the comet Swift-Tuttle every August.

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This year the meteor shower's actual peak is around 10 a.m. August 12, which means that the night before and the night after will both be great for meteor watchers.

This year, the bright waning moon will make the meteors a bit trickier to see, as it outshines the smaller fireballs.

On top of this month's eagerly awaited solar eclipse, astronomy aficionados will have another good reason to look up with the return of Perseid meteor shower.

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He noted that Comet SwiftTuttle is the source of Perseid as astronomers discovered that it leaves a river of dust around the sun as it approaches it every 130 years.

What This Weekend's Perseid Meteor Shower Will Actually Look Like