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Supermarkets take egg products off shelves

12 August 2017

Luxembourg said that eggs sold in the discount supermarket Aldi had been withdrawn after one batch was found to contain sufficient levels of fipronil to potentially pose a threat to young children, who can not consume as much as adults safely.

The UK's Food Standards Agency said the number of contaminated eggs estimated to have reached the UK was far higher than the 21,000 first supposed, and that egg salads from Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Asda, and sandwiches from Waitrose and Morrisons had been withdrawn.

Foods containing egg have been recalled from supermarkets, although some of the affected eggs may have already made their way into the food chain.

Romania has found one tonne of egg yolk which was contaminated by fipronil in a warehouse to the west of the country.

In France, about 250,000 affected eggs have sold in the country since April and authorities say products containing eggs from contaminated farms will be taken off the shelves.

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The Food Standards Agency said it had found evidence that some 700,000 eggs had been imported over the period it is known fipronil was being used on Dutch poultry farms, Europe's biggest exporter of eggs.

There is no evidence any British eggs have been contaminated but testing on United Kingdom farms are underway.

Major supermarkets across the country are urgently recalling millions of fresh salads, sandwiches and fillers after the Food Standards Agency revealed that around 700,000 eggs linked to a contamination scare on European farms have been sent to the United Kingdom and may have already been eaten by British consumers. The World Health Organization considers fipronil to be moderately toxic and says very large quantities can cause organ damage.

In a statement earlier this week, Brussels said that eggs contaminated with the harmful chemical Fipronil might have been sold in some seven countries.

Yet Dutch poultry farmer Anja Visscher was still eating eggs this morning.

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Over in Denmark, the country's food administration says almost 20 tons of insecticide-tainted eggs have been sold nationwide, but it is playing down the risk to public health.

It said that any remaining egg products have been removed from sale and that the risk to Irish consumers is "very low".

The decision to withdraw the products was not due to food safety concerns but based on the fact that the pesticide is not authorised for use in food-producing animals.

About 700,000 eggs, mostly imported from the Netherlands, have been recalled in Britain.

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Supermarkets take egg products off shelves