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Was Lady Stoneheart in the latest episode of Game of Thrones?

12 August 2017

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish might not officially be on the youngest Stark daughter's list, but she certainly isn't pleased to hear that he's hanging around Winterfell when she finally returns home after six long years.

"It's not going to end well for Jaime Lannister, I can't imagine". As we've learned before, Jaime is a good prisoner of war to have in your custody, even more so now that he's the only bargaining chip Cersei cares about.

GoT creator George has already revealed that Lady Stoneheart would not appear in the show, and her appearance wouldn't make sense now that Arya has exacted revenge on the Freys like Lady Stoneheart did in the books. So much of that is in what David and Dan wrote, and then the actors are phenomenal too, but the architecture of the Sansa and Arya scene is you have these two people coming together where they're still siblings, but so much has happened between them.

Arya mentions her mum, ghost walks past. If Sansa had the same skills, Ramsay would have barely been a blip on her radar.

Littlefinger brings the dagger to Bran, saying that because the dagger was used in an attempt to kill him, he should have the dagger. Season 1 ended with the death of Ned Stark, arguably the show's central character up until that point. So is this supposed to be her, or is this like the kingdom Highgarden is in - a reach? He's visibly traumatized as his men go up in flames.

Near the end of the fight, Jaime spotted an opening, a chance to ride in and kill Daenerys, Mother of Dragons herself, and he took it.

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There may be a "ghost" hanging around Winterfell, and we're not talking about Jon Snow's direwolf.

For seven seasons, he's been rarely unruffled and always the smooth operator.

But Wright, who plays the character who is both Brandon Stark on the HBO hit series and the all-knowing Raven, has some authority to talk for and about him.

HBO released an image showing Sansa's dress clearly. It doesn't remove the fact that Theon betrayed the Starks.

Remember: the last time Arya Stark saw Littlefinger wasn't at King's Landing. And you can bet that the reference to this mystery and the reappearance of the dagger after all this time means we'll get an answer soon. So basically picture an entire army of Bronns.

Want more celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle news? And he wanted folks to know that the White Walkers marching against humankind from the North are, in series world, the ball on which eyes must be kept.

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They part agreeing to disagree on that for now - even as the episode (and the creators' commentary afterward) heavily foreshadow tha Jon and Daenerys will eventually bang.

At Dragonstone, Dany had to deal with the fact that her luck since she arrived has been singularly awful, with all of her attempts to battle the Lannisters (and Euron) leading to failure. They called it "zīrtys perzys" which translated to "frozen fire" in Valyrian and eastern tales tell of how their dragons would thaw the stone with dragonflame until it became molten and malleable. "But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities you're not different". And as the Lannisters consolidate their power and transport the rich pickings from their sacking of Highgarden, you just know there will have to be consequences.

Unfortunately, she only half-listens to Jon.

When she arrived in the city, she was immediately met by Littlefinger. Fortunes change quickly in Season 7.

Conveniently for Game of Thrones' plot, though, Bran doesn't quite seem to be omniscient.

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Was Lady Stoneheart in the latest episode of Game of Thrones?