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RT America: Trump opposes monuments removal

17 August 2017

Earnest said that the protesters were "unpleasant" and "we have always denounced those organisations [involved in the violence]. we do it on a regular basis".

However he told James he had nothing to do with the "Unite the Right" protest and left Charlottesville before the violence erupted. Police arrested James Alex Fields, 20, and charged him with second-degree murder in the incident.

The services were held at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville.

Four Confederacy-related monuments were hauled away on trucks under cover of darkness late Tuesday night and early Wednesday in Baltimore.

The mayor of Birmingham is pushing for the removal of the statue.

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Lee, who works as an athletic director at a Virginia school, called Saturday's incidents "senseless" and "sad" for his family. "This is just one step". "We feel strongly that Gen. You know you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?"

The 15-foot monument, which was constructed in 1924, also featured a Confederate flag.

The movement to take down the statues - which some argue represent a violent and racist history, while others say are simply a tribute to Southern heritage - echoes the zeitgeist seen in 2015, after nine black churchgoers were murdered in cold blood by a white supremacist hoping to start a race war.

While Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, many have pointed out that the Confederacy fought to preserve slave holding and white supremacy during the Civil War, which happened several decades after both men had died.

Stoney, who as recently as Monday advocated for "adding context" to the statues, reversed his position Wednesday, saying in the statement he personally thought the monuments should be removed.

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What do you think of Baltimore's removal of Confederate monuments?

Cooper also said he wants the state legislature to defeat a bill that seeks to provide drivers immunity if they run over protesters blocking public roadways. "It is that great mosaic tile that has made us the great United States of America", said McAuliffe. "Stonewall" Jackson Monument at the Wyman Park Dell and the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Bolton Hill.

"Any city that has Confederate statues has concern about violence occurring in their city".

A number of Confederate monuments have been vandalized this week, including one in Tampa, Florida, where paint was tossed on and around a memorial with derogatory comments scrawled in the paint.

Some white supremacist leaders, including David Duke, the former KKK grand wizard, have praised Trump for his "honesty" and "courage".

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Lee told CNN that his family members are proud of their lineage, but they don't let it define their lives.

RT America: Trump opposes monuments removal