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Apple Adds a 'Cop' Button that Temporarily Disables the Touch ID

19 August 2017

Also, iOS 11 will reportedly have a feature that unlocks the phone by scanning a person's face, making law enforcement's investigatory work even easier. This will be particularly useful in situations when a user is anxious that someone might force them to unlock their iPhone by using the fingerprint sensor. In fact, while Touch ID might be more convenient than a PIN code or password, there are cases when it could be less resilient from legal compulsion to unlock your device. By preventing that from being possible, iOS 11's new cop button isn't so much about calling the cops as it is about stopping them in their tracks.

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Accessing the contents of an iPhone has been a huge issue in law enforcement and criminal investigations.

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Apple, last year, was embroiled in a controversy when it was asked by the U.S. government to unlock the iPhone 5c of an accused terrorist. It is worth adding that until now, users had to restart the device in order to disable the fingerprint sensor. The action doesn't dial 911 itself unless you enable an "auto call" feature, but it does send iPhone owners to a screen where they can call by swiping an SOS button without ever having to log in. It's a technology Apple was expected to introduce with this phone, but the technological complexities of hiding a fingerprint scanner under the screen make its inclusion in this launch cycle unlikely. This means that users who've already updated to iOS 10.3.3 won't be able to downgrade back to version 10.3.2. Apple has never been afraid to change things in its devices, software, and operating systems. Without a workaround, we expect Apple to ship the OLED iPhone without a fingerprint sensor and rely on 3D sensing for biometric login and verification. The feature will definitely become available on all iPhone handsets running iOS 11. This new setting will allow users to quickly reach emergency services and also temporarily disable Touch ID.

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Apple Adds a 'Cop' Button that Temporarily Disables the Touch ID