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Trump Lashes Out At Merck CEO For Quitting Presidential Panel

19 August 2017

The Justice Department has begun a civil rights inquiry into the incident, and the driver of the auto, a 20-year-old OH man who was said to have had a history of neo-Nazi beliefs, has been charged with second-degree murder. A 20-year-old OH man said to have harboured Nazi sympathies has been charged with murder.

It's unclear how much distancing themselves from the president will affect businesses, especially in the tech industry, which is going through cultural turmoil of its own. But some of the Republican president's actions and words have alienated many corporate leaders.

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier made headlines Monday morning following his resignation from Trump's manufacturing council. "Being on a presidential council never guarantees that your policies are going to get carried out, but it probably guarantees that you'll be heard before anybody else". "I am an engineer who has spent most of his career working in factories that manufacture the world's most advanced devices", he wrote.

At the White House event, Trump introduced Krzanich as the CEO of a "great, great company".

The trio are not the first executives to resign from advisory councils serving the President.

This isn't the first time Trump has clashed this year with high-profile CEOs over his handling of policy matters.

Mr Liveris was in January appointed head of the council - created to generate manufacturing jobs in the U.S. - and has been a visible presence in the White House.

McAuliffe Defends Police Response to Violence in Charlottesville
Both sides equipped with sticks, shields, helmets, and pepper spray went at it over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia . She said that the center of the event, Emancipation Park, had a physical barrier down the middle, with officers in that area.

The council is supposed to meet occasionally to share insights with the president on job growth.

Plank said he joined the council "to have an active seat at the table" for discussions on how to spur manufacturing jobs.

Business leaders have spoken against Trump before. I believe the President should have been - and still needs to be - unambiguous on that point. CNN has been one of the media most targeted by Trump for criticism.

It's a stunning reversal considering the euphoria among business leaders following Trump's election. Richard Spencer, head of a white nationalist group, lauded the president for "speaking the truth". Merck's shares are slightly higher this week.

White nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the "alt-right" with body armor and combat weapons evacuate comrades who were pepper sprayed after the "Unite the Right" rally was declared an unlawful gathering by Virginia State Police, August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Cohn, Mnuchin, and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao stood awkwardly by Trump during his remarks at Trump Tower on Tuesday.

Although Trump issued a statement later on Monday specifically denouncing "the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups", that didn't stop the fallout.

Police detain fourth suspect in Catalonia terror attacks
Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy described the attack as "jihadi terrorism" during a news conference late Thursday. The International Red Cross set up medical posts at the Barcelona site immediately after the attack.

By Monday afternoon the AFL-CIO said it was "assessing" its role in the manufacturing group - which it said "has yet to hold any real meeting".

"Politics and political agendas have sidelined the important mission of rebuilding America's manufacturing base", he said in a statement which underlined his "abhorrence" over the violence in Charlottesville.

The response, and the speed in which it arrived, caught many off guard.

Writing in the Financial Times on Tuesday, former U.S Treasury Secretary Larry Summers hailed Frazier for taking a stand against what Summers said had been Trump's "manifestly inadequate" response to the Charlottesville violence.

In London, British Prime Minister Theresa May offered a rare rebuke of Trump from so close a USA ally. I thought it was just a cheap shot. The country's justice minister accused Trump of trivializing anti-Semitism and racism.

"Okay Twitter, we know what 2 do".

Dominant Real beat Barca to win Super Cup
With his pace, vision, dribbling, and eye for goal , he has everything required to be a devastating player in that position. However, Asensio is likely to rebuff the North London club's offer as he does not intend to leave Real Madrid just yet.