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7 things you need to know about Monday's Solar Eclipse

20 August 2017

If you look through your eclipse glasses and find the sun to be uncomfortably bright, out of focus or surrounded by a bright haze, they're no good.

During the annular eclipse of 1984, the center of the moon's shadow followed a south-southwest to north-northeast path through Virginia.

Here in New Jersey the eclipse will reach about 77 percent. "Adults should take special care to help protect the eyes of children during this event".

· For information about where to get the proper eyewear or handheld viewers, check out the American Astronomical Society at

Fact: For most of time, most cultures have associated eclipses with disaster.

Total eclipses of the sun occur when the moon briefly covers the face of the sun in its monthly orbit around Earth. The only visible part of the sun is its corona, the bright crown around the photosphere. Pacific Time. Lincoln City, Oregon, will be the first place in the continental United States to see the total solar eclipse.

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Viewing the full total eclipse is offered inside the dome theater from a NASA feed.

Monteiro stressed there's only anecdotal information about pets' reactions to such a rare event given that the last solar eclipse visible from the contiguous US occurred in 1979, and the last one to stretch from coast to coast exclusively in the country happened 99 years ago.

Apparently, even the big boys let stuff slip through the cracks every now and then, so I'm guessing the folks in OR will delay this whole thing for a month OR two until everyone can be outfitted with the proper glasses. I can tell you from experience that I think it's most rewarding to just witness it with your protected God-given eyes.

"This is a very particular alignment", Viall said, "because the moon, of course, is not the same size as the sun". But make sure to put those glasses back on before the sun re-emerges.

Yes. People have hurt their eyes by watching the sun during a solar eclipse unfiltered.

If your eclipse glasses are more than 3 years old, they are not safe for eclipse viewing. Both methods provide clear images of the phases of eclipse.

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Regular sunglasses don't make the cut. Even if you don't have special glasses that you have researched thoroughly and feel comfortable wearing, there are ways to enjoy viewing the eclipse safely.

According to NASA's Great American Eclipse portal, solar eclipses were first recorded over 5,000 years ago, when Irish Neolithic astronomers carved in stone their account of the November 30, 3340 BCE eclipse. You can also purchase a #14 welder's glass from a welding supply company. If you see any scratches or damage, do not use them.

When talking about the science behind a solar eclipse, Kobilka said the reason why we have them is as easy as the math. Laborde said that might actually concentrate the damaging rays from the sun. Cross the outstretched open fingers of one hand over the open fingers of another.

Now imagine that as you work, the sky begins to darken, as if clouds were slowly obscuring the sun. A total eclipse happens in the darkest shadow directly below the moon, called an umbra, while a partial eclipse happens in the lighter shadow farther from the center, called a penumbra.

The United States will experience another total solar eclipse in just seven years - which is remarkable.

Carbondale, where graduate students George Geddes and Saurav Aryal will operate one of the team's two spectrometers, is an interesting destination: It also will be in the path of a total solar eclipse in 2024. The total blackout period is expected to last for a few minutes along the 73-mile wide "path of totality" that will run diagonally across the US.

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We've all seen a crescent moon.

7 things you need to know about Monday's Solar Eclipse