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Barcelona to wear commemorative shirts in tribute to victims of attacks

20 August 2017

The father of the American killed in the Barcelona terror attack said he cannot understand how anybody could do that type of thing to innocent people.

As security forces hunted for the van's driver, who was seen escaping on foot, police said killed five attackers who rammed a auto into five civilians and a police officer in the town of Cambrils.

Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub has now been named by Spanish media as the person they believe was behind the wheel of the van in Barcelona.

After the attacks, police reported that four attackers were killed by police in Cambrils.

Police now believe that Abouyaaqoub drove the white van into crowds on Las Ramblas, having previously identified Moussa Oukabir as the driver.

Meanwhile, police have revealed that the suspects had been preparing even bigger attacks in Barcelona "for some time".

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The attack in Cambrils began after police tried to carry out a check on the auto.

Their van, however, overturned and police quickly shot them dead, killing four right away.

United Kingdom authorities are "urgently" looking into reports of a missing British child, said Theresa May.

Experts want to be able to verify if the religious leader, who has disappeared, is one of those killed in an explosion that rocked a house in Alcanar on Wednesday when a makeshift bomb factory blew up, destroying what investigators believe was the cell's bomb arsenal and killing at least two suspected cell members.

The attack took place in the heart of Barcelona. A Belgian was reported to have been killed, and Australia's foreign minister said an Australian citizen was unaccounted for.

The grandfather of Julian Alessandro Cadman made a plea for information about the boy, who became separated from his mother during the attack in Barcelona.

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"O$3 bviously we express our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of this individual, and obviously others who have suffered loss of life, and we offer our thoughts and prayers to their families, as they're going to be dealing with a very, very tough few days ahead of them", Tillerson said.

According to Catalan Department of Interior, at least one Canadian is among the dead or injured after twin terror attacks in Barcelona and in the Catalan resort town of Cambrils.

Catalan police said the five attackers in Cambrils were carrying an ax and knives in the auto and were wearing fake explosives attached to their bodies.

Later Sunday, almost 1,00,000 people were expected at Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium for their team's first game of the season, to be marked by a minute of silence for the victims.

The event was attended by Spain's King Felipe VI and the country's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy.

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