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Five things to know for watching Monday's solar eclipse in Victoria

20 August 2017

"To see the speed of it moving across the country when it hits the west cost and east coast". In the middle of the day, the environment goes dark as night and animals react accordingly. Or they are letting parents decide by signing either permission slips for supervised eclipse viewing or opt-out forms to stay out of school programs.

"Since this is a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, we thought it would be fun to offer a "lights out" ticket package for our Labor Day weekend to celebrate this special natural occurrence that will happen on Monday", track President Kerry Tharp said. "I'm heading down to my sister's house".

Experts warn that looking directly at the eclipse can burn the retina, possibly causing lasting blind spots. On Earth, the two appear to be the same size, so they have to line up exactly for a total eclipse to occur.

AppleInsider suggests (1) NOT taking your eclipse glasses off to take pics and (2) not zooming with your iPhone lens either.

Lockport City Clerk Richelle Pasceri said there are no specific eclipse plans for the city, but also urged all residents to take the proper precautions before looking up at the sun. Though South Mississippi isn't in that path, we'll still see a partial eclipse - about 82% of it.

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Unfortunately, there are a number of counterfeit solar eclipse glasses on the market, and some that are compliant skipped seeking certification in a rush to get their product to the market.

When the sun completely blinks out, the safety glasses can come off so that you can enjoy the view of the sun's otherworldly corona and the eerie daytime darkness. "I also hope everyone is safe and doesn't damage their eyes", Clark said.

The first total solar eclipse to sweep North America in almost a century will march across the continent August 21, casting a shadow over millions of people from coast to coast.

Massive crowds are expected at viewing spots across America when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking its light, the morning of August 21.

Some places closer to the eclipse path of totality will have over 90 percent of the sun covered by the moon, while other places in the Northeast and Midwest will have less than 85 percent of the sun's face covered. I recruited my husband, who reluctantly abandoned his plans for a solitary eclipse viewing in OR and agreed to accompany us. This app will tell you the percentage of the eclipse you can see from your location, the weather forecast for the afternoon, and it also provides an interactive map showing the path of totality.

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Wherever there's only a partial eclipse - you need to keep those solar specs on the whole time.

The upcoming total solar eclipse will cross the less than two hours, and Americans in some states will only witness seconds of it.

Across cultures, stories of solar eclipses took different forms, with a common thread: fear at the sudden loss of light from our star.

"I'm pumped for it", said Jeffrey Harris, 22, of Catskill.

Four city branches of the Boston Public Library will host viewing parties. If it's too cloudy to view the partial eclipse, the library staff will be showing a live stream of NASA's view at its viewing party, which starts at 8 a.m. on Monday. People will meet at the group picnic area starting at 10 a.m. Hartwick College physics professors Kevin Schultz and Larry Nienart will speak to the crowd before the event, and children will be given supplies to craft cardboard pinhole projectors, a safe and indirect way to watch the eclipse, according to NASA.

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Five things to know for watching Monday's solar eclipse in Victoria