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Pakistan rejects United States accusations of harboring Afghan Taliban terrorists

25 August 2017

"The President made it clear that we are not into nation building, but focused on protecting our citizens from terrorism", Senator John Hoeven said. "You can believe it will be different because we removed the calendar from the equation", he said.

"Overall, I think our President has come up with a very credible plan for pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat in Afghanistan", he said.

Russian Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov flung Trump's Pakistan policy and insisted that Islamabad be "a fundamental regional member to adjust with".

He also noted that President Trump will let conditions determine and guide the US strategy.

Hale said the United States values Pakistan's role in the war against terrorism and seeks cooperation from Islamabad to resolve the Afghan issue, according to the army statement. We just want to emphasise that Pakistan really has the choice here.

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It did not name any country, but Islamabad consistently accuses rival India of using New Delhi's growing influence, particularly in security institutions of Afghanistan to support and orchestrate terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

The spokesperson also informed that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with the Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj to give a heads-up as to what new strategy of the U.S. would be.

"Have a dialogue with Taliban and simultaneously withdraw U.S. troops... the stated policy of killing the enemy is what they have been doing till now", he said.

The report noted that as a result of continued military operations, terrorist-related violence in Pakistan declined for the second straight year in 2016.

The US recognises that Pakistan has legitimate security interest in the future of Afghanistan and that what happens in Afghan impacts Pak.

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China stands ready to keep communication and coordination with the United States on the Afghanistan issue and make joint efforts to realize peace and stability in the country and the whole region, he said.

In his Monday address to troops at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, Trump offered few specifics, but he did outline reasons for his decision to extend and expand the USA presence in Afghanistan, a reversal from his strident past criticism of previous administrations for involvement there.

"By joining the United States war on terror, we lost over 70,000 people".

USA can not blame Pakistan for Afghanistan losses, he continued. The attempt to insulate and treat our country unjustly will be counterproductive to the announced USA goals of stabilizing the region, Rehman said.

He also praised Trump's decision not to impose "arbitrary" deadlines on the American mission in Afghanistan.

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Pakistan rejects United States accusations of harboring Afghan Taliban terrorists