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Trump says debt ceiling 'mess' could have been avoided

25 August 2017

A sign sits at the entrance of Cheesequake State Park, which was closed during the previous government shutdown. "Making America great is not shutting down the Government or building a wall!". Neither of these seems likely at this stage, as we enter the eighth month of the Trump Presidency later in August.

Unfortunately, to get the USA economy really moving again, simply making changes to the regulatory framework can and will only go so far. In that case, Trump would have to be ready to risk the political consequences of a shutdown - consequences we know he was aware of because of something he tweeted when the government shuttered last time.

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., who's a member of the budget and appropriations committees, said in an interview that he and some other GOP lawmakers want the debt ceiling "tied to something that changes the trajectory of our debt". Is Mexico more likely to pay for the wall now than they were earlier this year? And it will be much easier for Congress to pass a spending bill without the money than with it.

Pass a spending bill by October 1. United States federal programmes are funded through September 30.

Reauthorize a flood insurance program.

Trump pretended he wasn't quite doing that, because he did not criticize Republican Sens. It seems pretty clear that he's setting himself up to take credit for one.

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By now this is old news, but it shouldn't be overlooked.

Add those three factors up - and sprinkle in the historic trends of major losses in the president's party in his first midterm election - and you have a boiling cauldron of bad for Republicans.

"Trump is spoiling for a fight and the [conservative house] Freedom Caucus haven't had a fight for a while". The Phoenix rally audience gleefully "booed" at the McCain reference - undeterred by the fact that the former Vietnam prisoner of war is recuperating from aggressive treatment of recently diagnosed brain cancer.

Politico reported that a so-called "clean" debt ceiling increase, meaning that the amount of debt allowed to be issued goes up without accompanying cuts in spending, only has around 20 Republican votes in the House of Representatives and 10 to 20 in the Senate.

But as Hart sees it, Trump's hits on Flake present a distraction from the president's agenda.

Congress will have about 12 working days when it returns on September 5 from its summer break to approve spending measures to keep the government open, while also facing a looming deadline to raise the cap on the amount the government may borrow. And Democrats would nearly certainly exercise the filibuster to block a bill with wall funding. The same thing is true in the Senate. After raging about how it is impossible to pass bills because of Democrats, Trump switched to bragging about how many bills he has passed.

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During a rally in Arizona on Tuesday night, #President Trump made a threat that he would close the government just to fulfill his campaign promise of building a #mexico wall. Some of the highest profile conservative political figures like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz have been scrambling to do damage control on this latest controversy, asserting that they have no loyalty to the increasingly vocal white nationalists cropping up around the country.

On Twitter, Trump wrote, "James Clapper, who famously got caught lying to Congress, is now an authority on Donald Trump".

Even with all those pitfalls, Congress has figured out how to hobble along, said Molly Reynolds, a congressional expert with the Brookings Institution.

But, Trump. Nobody has any idea what he wants, what he'll sign, or whether he even cares if there's a shutdown.

US President Donald Trump turned up the heat Thursday on Republican leaders in Congress accusing them of foot-dragging on his key priorities, in an intensifying feud that puts his policy agenda in jeopardy. He could veto even a short-term spending bill.

This is not the first time that a mere threat of a debt ceiling breach has led to increased costs for the government. Or it might not be able to.

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The United States doesn't need a third political party because it is now being ruled by one "Uni-party", an analyst said.

Trump says debt ceiling 'mess' could have been avoided