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How to check if your data has been compromised in Equifax breach

10 September 2017

That's almost half of the USA population.

If a person's identity has been stolen there are non-profits to help people gain their personal information back.

Whatever the case, multiple experts are unsure of the legal implications for people who use the Equifax site, and Whittaker tweeted that Equifax is not responding to his questions on the topic. However, you have to put blind trust upon the companies like Equifax where you can put your private details and accept all the terms and conditions to bring the security of your personal data at first place. The credit card numbers for 209,000 consumers and credit dispute documents for 182,000 others were also exposed in the breach.

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It said it was in contact with Equifax to find out how many British people were affected and the kinds of data that had been compromised. This is one of the biggest data breaches to date.

You don't have to sign up for a monitoring service.

-Go to the Equifax security 2017 website to see if you are a potential victim.

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Don't bother with Equifax's monitoring service, reported, noting that the company offering the service is the same one that was hacked. Instead Equifax wants you to wait. "They sell it on the underground over years and years and it makes them a lot of money", said Corey Nauchreiner, Chief Technology Officer at Watchguard. Credit Karma is a great way to stay on top of your credit score and even get push notifications when there is a credit event.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Mary McHill and Brook Reinhard, who had their personal information stored by the company, filed a complaint in the OR federal court against Equifax, seeking up to $70 billion in damages, vanityfair reported.

Tom Imboden, associate professor at SIU, said monitor your credit reports for fraudulent activity and ask for a credit freeze.

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"Ironically, consumers will often pull their credit reports from Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union to determine whether they are the victim of identity theft, by looking for unauthorized lines of credit". You can opt out of the arbitration clause, but you have to do it by mail.