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Trump's deal with Democrats strengthens Ryan's grip as speaker

12 September 2017

What have they done so far?

Under more ordinary circumstances, Florida's government would prepare for catastrophic weather on its Atlantic coast by stationing response units along the Gulf coast, on the opposite side of the state. When LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham asked DeSantis if he agreed with Bannon's assertion that the GOP Establishment is undercutting Trump personally, he said, "I think there's a lot of merit to it". While Republicans are howling in protest, it might be the first smart thing Trump has done and is in the best interest of the country.

If Trump and Congress really want Americans to breathe a sigh of relief, they should invest in genuine bipartisanship and make an early deal to tackle Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals legislation once and for all.

With President Donald Trump's deal with Democrats last week casting some aspersions on Trump's trust of his should-be Republican comrades, the development has opened another rift within the GOP Conference over whether the president or speaker is to blame, Politico reports. His encouragement of a primary challenger to Arizona's Republican senator Jeff Flake is part of it.

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At least publicly, no one in the Republican Party is saying it, but the message is clear. From the perspective of Democrats, there is some instruction to be found.

Underestimating a man like Donald Trump is clearly something the GOP has done at their own peril. The latest to withdraw his bid is Michigan Republican Dave Trott, who was facing an uphill battle to re-election in a swing district. "I've had a good experience working with Chuck Schumer. This is more about just what I believe to be the right thing to do".

The 2016 election provided us with an incredible opportunity. Pelosi reported he reveled in the great media coverage he received, as good an indicator as any that this is a guy who operates day-to-day. He's like a political day trader that just cares about instant gratification rather than three months down the road. They remain responsible for nominating the most unfit person ever to hold the office.

The question of why Trump would arrive at this realization now, as opposed to any point over the last several years (or decades) goes unanswered. But Bush's Presidency had been very unpopular for years before the economy collapsed in its final months.

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Yarmuth said Trump was probably motivated to make the deal because of the recent narrative suggesting Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are controlling of the government because the president is "irrelevant" to the legislative process.

It doesn't seem to matter that dancing with Democrats could move Trump to the center. First, don't work so hard at being inoffensive.

As numerous presidency scholars have shown - Richard Skinner, Sidney Milkis, Lara Brown, me - the nuts and bolts of the president-party relationship tend to outlast individual presidencies, reflecting instead the dynamics of nominations, intraparty rules, and power built up over the course of careers. The upheaval will be led by professional provocateurs such as AntiFa, left-wing domestic terrorists, and aimed to create a virtuous dynamic leading to the President's impeachment. "So I think we'll do it in the House".

Still, Lincoln Park Strategies President and former Obama campaign operative Stefan Hankin partly disagrees on the political value. As Bannon put it, it was the worst mistake in "modern political history". He defined an ideal, assured voters they were on their way to achieving it, and avoided direct challenges to racist individuals and groups - challenges that might have called that ideal into question - as much as he could. The election of Donald Trump was one of those events, the depth and historical importance of which are not being fully understood. You say, quite correctly, that Democrats can't write off police violence and suppression of voting rights as mere "identity politics" for minorities.

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"I think the president is focused on doing what he told Americans he was going to do", Jordan said in defending Trump. "To me, this is an indication that at least from the Trump administration's side, not necessarily from Republicans in Congress, that he's not anxious about the deficit and what cutting taxes does to it". The idea that we should spend less each year until we arrive back in the pre-New Deal-sized government doesn't comport with reality.

Trump's deal with Democrats strengthens Ryan's grip as speaker